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Los Angeles Airport Court Criminal Defense Attorney

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Arrested at the LAX Airport in Los Angeles? Contact a local lawyer with over 25 years experience. The fact is Millions of people travel through L.A. airports every year. For some the experience can be quite devastating when travel turns into a nightmare following an arrest by airport security. As a result of 9-11, police and law enforcement personnel are at a heightened state of alert and therefore even a simple mistake of bringing a weapon in a checked bag can be followed by a detention, arrest and prosecution. For well over a decade Los Angeles Airport attorney Matthew Ruff has been defending ordinary, good people accused of various criminal offenses inside local airports. Crimes such as: possession of drugs, weapons, and dangerous materials, as well as assault, public intoxication, disturbing the peace, theft, shoplifting, marijuana importation, DUI while driving to or near the LAX airport in El Segundo, among many others. With almost 3 decades of actual Courtroom experience Matt knows the DA and the Judge handling your case.

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On September 15, 2023 a Judge granted Matthew's motion to dismiss for possession of a loaded firearm and concealed weapons charges at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), 450 World Way. LA, CA 90045. The case originated from an incident that ocurred inside the airport, Terminal 4 screening lane 7, for a client flying to Chicago. The TSA flagged a carry-on bag which they believed contained a firearm. The bag was sent to secondary screening and a semi-automatic handgun was found inside, fully loaded with 12 rounds of ammo. LAPD arrived and took possession of the weapon. The client was arrested and was taken off his American Airlines flight. He was released later and given a Court date. Fortunately he found Matt after searching for Defense Attorneys near LAX Airport and Matt was able to handle all Court appearances, the client never had to travel back to Los Angeles for any of the proceedings.

It is not uncommon for folks visiting California to pick up or buy souvenir brass knuckles or switchblade knives and take them back home with them after seeing the Golden State. However, this can be problematic if you are caught with such items in your carryon bags at the airport. Recently, Matt defended a client arrested after she was detained at TSA for possession of a switchblade knife and brass knuckles (PC 21510, PC 21810). The Los Angeles City Attorney will prosecute these cases as misdemeanors, even though they could be charged as felony crimes. Matt was able to intervene because the client hired him immediately after the arrest. Matt reached out to the Prosecutor and got an informal office hearing which resulted in ALL CHARGES DISMISSED!.

Recently, Matthew defended a client arrested at LAX International Airport, 300 World Way TSA Screening Lane seven. The client mistakenly left his Smith & Wesson Semi Automatic handgun in his bag which was put through screening at the TSA checkpoint. The TSA screener alerted LAPD officers who subsequently arrested him on charges of PC 25400A, carrying a concealed firearm in the airport terminal. He was given a Court date and hired Matthew. Matt immediately built a defense and plan to get the charges dropped. In Court, Matt filed a motion to get the charges dismissed. The Judge granted the motion and ALL CHARGES WERE DISMISSED on August 8, 2023.

Matt was hired over the phone last year by a client arrested at LAX for Transportation For Sale of Drugs (H&S 11360 A) after TSA discovered over 20 pounds of edibles and liquid cannabis products in his luggage. The laboratory analysis conducted showed multiple packages of "green plant material", liquid containers and other edible products containing cannabis and marijuana. The District Attorney charged felony counts and Matt went to Court to fight the charges. Matt was able to handle most of the Court appearances for the client since he lived in the Midwest and traveling would have been very costly. Ultimately, after meeting with the DA and Judge, Matt was able to get the Felony charges Dropped.

Matt was retained by a client traveling through LAX and was arrested when TSA agents discovered a handgun in her carry on bag. The firearm was seized and she was booked and given a Court date for the charges Penal Code 25400(a)(2) and Penal Code 171.5(b). Matt obtained all pertinent information and put together a defense case by filing a motion to dismiss. On June 18, 2021 the Judge in the Superior Court granted the motion thereby allowing the client to have the case DISMISSED and her arrest record cleared.

Matt defended another case where his client was arrested on a plane departing LAX to Chicago after a TSA agent discovered over 23 pounds of marijuana inside his checked suitcase. The District Attorney charged him with a Felony Distribution and Transportation charge and he was facing 4 years in State Prison. Matt was determined to keep a felony off his record and fought the case until the State relented and offered him a misdemeanor.

Matthew was hired by a client detained by TSA after they discovered a loaded 40 mm Glock handgun in his carry on while going through airport security. The client, a local professional, forgot that the gun was in his bag following a recent visit to the firing range. LAPD Airport Police booked him and criminal charges were filed by the Los Angeles City Attorney. Matt handled his first appearance at LAX Courthouse and negotiated a dismissal of the charges upon completion of a gun safety class and an agreement to stay out of trouble. The deal means the charges were completely dropped and the client will not have a conviction for a criminal offense on his permanent record.

Matt handled a case for a client arrested and looking for a local criminal lawyer in LAX who has fought and won drug cases. The client was facing felony counts for possession of numerous vacuum sealed bags containing cannabis, glass jars containing yellow wax substance resembling concentrated cannabis, commonly referred to a "honey" and a large amount of vape pens with cartridges containing cannabis. Matt fought the charges and was able to get them dropped based on his long term relationship with the DA and the Judge.

Matt has helped thousands of good folks who have found themselves in a big jam. Here is one client's review of Matthew's work: " On October 24, 2016 we embarked on a trip to Europe, flying first to LAX and from there to Paris. Inadvertently I had failed to remove my very small .22 pistol from my backpack and was intercepted at LAX by TSA and booked by LAPD charged with a misdemeanor, concealed carrying of a firearm. A court date was assigned to me in LA, 1,000 miles from my home. I contacted Matthew Ruff about it and he immediately met with the City Attorney who dismissed the case and dropped the charges when the situation was explained to him by Mr. Ruff. When I called Mr. Ruff I felt immediately confident that he would handle my case expediently which he did. He is a real person that can talk with you as a person. I'd like to play golf or have a beer with him. He is great." CJC.

Two recent Airport Court Cases: First, Matthew was hired by a Washington state resident after he was arrested at the LAX airport for having a handgun in his carry on bag. The weapon was detected as he went through the metal detectors. He was booked on a felony, released on bail and given a future Court date. Matthew went to Court for him, he did not need to travel back to California, at Court Mr. Ruff negotiated a deal with the Los Angeles City attorney to have all charges dismissed after the client completed 80 hours of community service in his home state. What is particularly noteworthy about this case is the fact that the client did not need to return to CA for his Court appearance. Even though he was on bail, Matthew was able to handle all appearances for him, thereby sparing him the substantial cost and expense of travel to resolve the case.

Most recently, Matthew won a Felony Possession of Cannabis for Sale charge at the airport (H&S 11360 (a)(3)(d). His client was stopped and arrested after the authorities discovered multiple pounds of cannabis products in his luggage. The client was on a flight to Baltimore when the police detained him. The bags contained vacuum packed marijuana, jars of cannabis products and edibles. Matthew fought the case at the LAX Airport and got the charges dropped.

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The second case involved a young man charged with DUI after his car struck a center median on the 405 freeway. The client was in the process of entering the fire academy to become a fire fighter and wanted to avoid the conviction for driving under the influence. Mr. Ruff understood and fought the case with the DA. He obtained the video evidence,, the chemical test records and other crucial information. Upon a full investigation, the attorney presented the defense to the prosecutor and was able to get the DUI charges dismissed and have the charges reduced to a reckless driving. 

In May of 2015 the Airport Courthouse went through a significant change in the divisions. What was formerly Division 140 is now Department 72 on the 7th floor. What was formerly Division 141 is now Department 90 on the 9th floor. All felony charges are heard by a Judge in the arraignment Court. Most misdemeanor cases that occur in the LAX terminal will have there own Courtroom. All misdemeanors that take place in surrounding cities such as El Segundo and Culver City, etc. are pursued by the L.A. County District Attorney or local city prosecutors such as Hawthorne. Although Hawthorne cases used to be heard in the Airport Court, they now are sent to the Inglewood Courthouse for adjudication.

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As a local criminal defense lawyer in Los Angeles, Mr. Ruff has represented hundreds of people charged with all manner of criminal offenses at virtually all local airports, including: Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) near El Segundo, Burbank Airport, Long Beach Airport, and many others. In most cases a Lawyer can go to Court on your behalf, thereby avoiding the hassle of having to travel back to Los Angeles County and bear the humiliation of appearing before a Judge. Crimes such as drug possession and possessing dangerous weapons such as knives, guns and brass knuckles, DUI in El Segundo near the LAX airport, can often be resolved without the offense showing up on a person's criminal record. 

Criminal Courts, such as the Los Angeles Airport Court, have extended a greater degree of discretion to police working in an airport environment given the fact that security is of greater concern, particularly in light of terrorist attacks focused on travelers. What this means is that law enforcement can search bags, suitcases, luggage, purses, handbags and a person's pockets and clothing in a search for weapons, a gun, drugs, or contraband in the name of national security. If this has happened to you, having a Los Angeles Airport Criminal Attorney can give you a significant advantage when appearing in Court.

Notably, Matt recently represented a traveler detained by TSA while going through airport security at Los Angeles International airport. She had brass knuckles in her purse that were detected by the x-ray machine. She was given a citation to appear in Court. Matt was retained and he resolved the case without going to Court, all charges were dropped. Because of his experience as a local attorney, he knows how to get t he best results for the client. 

Over the last 25 years, our Law Firm and lead attorney has defended airport originating cases with some of the best results imaginable. The experience from handling thousands of criminal cases can be put to use when we are retained to represent you and fight on your behalf as an aggressive advocate. With over 500 appearances made at the LAX Los Angeles Airport Court on La Cienega alone, Mr. Ruff has the contacts and local connections to help end what can probably be described as the most frightening experience a person can go through. Small amounts of marijuana, cocaine, heroin, drug paraphernalia, pipes, bongs, etc. can be found in someone's luggage and this can trigger a full scale prosecution by the City Attorney or Los Angeles County District Attorneys Office. With the help of a seasoned criminal defense lawyer the playing field can be made level and cases can be resolved without the stigma of a conviction. With the use of innovative strategies such as informal office hearings, diversion, conditional dismissals, deferred adjudication, and the like, most criminal charges can be made to all but disappear.

What are my rights at the airport? The law gives law enforcement a greater degree of power at all airports because of the heightened need for security and safety of travelers. However, there are limitations. For example, at international airports such as LAX officers can search bags with no suspicion, however cutting open baggage does require a reasonable suspicion in order to be lawful. Also, a person detained by security has no obligation to answer questions of an incriminating nature, he or she should request to speak to a lawyer before any interview. 

Among the litany of criminal offenses Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney Matthew Ruff fights are DUI or drunk driving citations issued to folks around the Los Angeles International Airport, LAX, near the municipality of El Segundo. There has been ramped up enforcement of driving under the influence arrests in the area from sobriety checkpoints and security checks coming into and around the airport terminal. As a local Law Firm, we can appear in the Los Angeles International Airport Criminal Court on behalf of the client and take the important steps to protect the drivers license at the DMV in El Segundo. 

Given the increased security at the LAX Airport, we have seen a similar increase in arrests of citizens at the gate for weapons possession. A typical scenario is where someone will have an illegal item in their luggage, a coat, jacket, backpack or bag that goes through the metal detectors, the item is detected and the police get involved. A prime example is a case Matthew handled for a young musician that lived in New York but was traveling through California. He had a pair of brass knuckles that were a gift and used as a belt buckle. He was booked for a felony and issued a Court date. His mother contacted Mr. Ruff and he took over. Because he was retained early after the incident, he quickly got the case transferred to the City Attorney informal office hearing unit where the case was dropped with no ramifications to his record and no appearances in LAX Court. 

Another recent example of a case success is that of a client that was arrested for petty theft inside a local retail store and was booked and cited to appear in the Airport Court for PC 484 (shoplifting). The client was facing immigration consequences and the possibility of being deprived from traveling out of the country. The client's family immediately hired criminal defense attorney Matthew Ruff to represent her. Matthew went to Court for the client and after extensive negotiations worked out a dismissal of all criminal charges in late 2009. Moreover, on May 10, 2010 the lawyer worked out a dismissal of petty theft charges for a nurse in the country on a visa. The Culver City criminal charges would have meant a certain deportation, however Matthew Ruff met with the D.A. and negotiated a dismissal of the theft allegations.

Sometimes the offense can stem from a misunderstanding of California law as to what is criminal to possess. For example, in one recent case Matt handled the client was flying through LAX and had a carry on bag that contained a souvenir she had purchased at a shop in Los Angeles. Unfortunately the trinket turned out to be illegal brass knuckles which could potentially be a felony charge. The TSA employee spotted the item in her bag as it passed through the x-ray machine. She was cited and given a Court date. She called Matthew and he handled everything. He reached out to the L.A. City Attorney who agreed to DROP ALL CHARGES.

What is the legal way to transport a gun within an airport? It is legal to bring a firearm inside an airport such as LAX, however the gun must be unloaded, it must be inside a locked hardsided container where the firearm is totally inaccessible. The person carrying the weapon must be over 18 years of age. The gun must be checked with an agent at check-in and you must declare that you are traveling with firearms and ammunition, if any. The ammunition must be in original packaging. 

Many people get arrested in the Los Angeles Airport court jurisdiction and fail to appear at the Court date resulting in a bench warrant being issued for their arrest. Attorney Matthew Ruff has years of experience getting warrants recalled and quashed in the criminal court. He can very often file a motion to remove and recall the warrant without the necessity of having the defendant come to Court. 

Criminal Defense Attorney Matthew Ruff has also helped many people in cases where they were represented by another lawyer or public defender and did not feel they were getting an aggressive enough defense of the case. For example, recently he was hired by a family to defend an individual in the Los Angeles Airport Courthouse (LAX) fighting felony charges of DUI with injury and a GBI allegation. The person was accused of running over a pedestrian on a sidewalk near the airport and had been in jail for months. The client had already been through a preliminary hearing and was facing trial with an offer of many years in the state prison. Matthew came into the case and filed a motion to throw out the charges based on an insufficiency of evidence. The Penal code section 995 motion was heard in the airport court and was granted. Mr. Ruff's client was released from jail the same day. 

If you or a relative, significant other, etc. has been arrested at the Los Angeles International airport or given a citation to appear in LAX Airport Court, call Attorney Matthew Ruff directly to speak about how he can help you get through this most difficult time:

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The unique nature of many cases at the airport is that the client is usually on his or her way out of the state of California or the United States. Understanding this, attorney Matthew Ruff has defended many folks who cannot appear in the LAX Court. He recently was retained and resolved a case involving a theft at the security metal detectors where his client never had to travel back from his home out of state, and the lawyer was able to get all charges dropped! A special note about warrants and failing to appear in airport Court. The Los Angeles Airport Court, more than any other, sees a high number of persons who were arrested given a date to appear in front of the Judge and simply fail to do so. The likely reason for this is that most defendants in the LAX Court are traveling through and live outside the jurisdiction. As a Los Angeles Airport Lawyer, Mr. Ruff has the ability to appear for his clients, even when they are outside the state, to clear up old bench warrant misdemeanor cases, tickets and even felony violations. This allows the client to get a drivers license returned in the home state and clean criminal records for job and employment concerns. 

It is extremely important to understand that when specific legal advice is needed, a Los Angeles Airport lawyer should be consulted directly. One should not rely on any advice in any website for legal information on any particular case. Attorney Matthew Ruff practices law in the state of California and has personally defended thousands of individuals in serious criminal matters in many airports, including but not limited to, possession of : marijuana and concentrated cannabis, 11357(b) tickets, guns, switch blade knife, brass knuckles, tonfa baton and asp, ammunition, gun clips, swords, dangerous weapons under 12020 of the Penal Code, cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, pot, illegal prescription medications, petty theft charges in Culver City CA, criminal matters charged both in state court and in federal jurisdictions. Contact Mr. Ruff for a one-on-one case evaluation today. With over a decade and a half of actual criminal case experience under his belt, no one will work more diligently or possess the wealth of legal knowledge to end the nightmare of your airport arrest.

Top 3 Ways To Beat A Criminal Charge at the LAX Courthouse

1. When Arrested - Remain Silent. The Constitution gives all of us the right to remain silent and ask for a lawyer when being questioned by police. When you speak to the LAPD you are giving them information and evidence that can later come back and be used against you in Court.

2. You Were Stopped Unlawfully. The US Supreme Court has announced that every traveler has certain rights of freedom and the right to be free from unreasonable seizures by the police. Many folks are stopped, detained and questioned without sufficient probable cause.

3. Your Rights Were Violated. The Fourth Amendment does not vanish once you enter an airport. If you were searched and evidence was discovered which is now being used against you in a criminal case there may be motions that can be filed challenging that search. Matthew has filed and won many Suppression Motions in all types of cases. If you were arrested at the LAX Airport call the Top Rated Criminal Defense Lawyer with the experience necessary to obtain the best results.

When you hire Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney Matthew Ruff you get the benefit of his 25 years experience advocating for his clients who are good people with clean records that have either made some error in Judgment or mistake that has cast them into a system that is foreign to most folks. The good news is Matt knows the system and how to navigate through it to obtain a favorable outcome for his clients.

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