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Bench Warrants

Matthew Ruff, Top Bench Warrant Recall Attorney

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If you have an outstanding bench warrant in Los Angeles County Matthew can get it cleared up quickly and, in many cases, without you having to appear in Court and risk getting arrested. Don't let an outstanding warrant keep you up at night! Matt can get into Court for you, sparing you the risk of remand, in most cases.


Don't let an outstanding bench warrant haunt you for the rest of your life. You can hire a lawyer to get into Court and clear things up. A criminal arrest warrant or bench warrant is a court order issued to law enforcement requiring the arrest of a person who is wanted by the court. Sometimes police may go to the last known address of a person with a warrant in an attempt to find him. If law enforcement comes upon a person who has a warrant out for them, they will usually be immediately arrested and incarcerated until they come before the court that issued the warrant. An attorney can help with getting a warrant recalled or quashed. A local Los Angeles Lawyer may be able to go to Court for the person with the warrant. Having legal representation during the bench warrant recall process is highly advised due to the fact many people are remanded or taken into custody when appearing on old warrants, competent legal counsel can take the necessary steps to avoid this from occurring.

I Received a Letter Saying I Have a Warrant, What Can I Do? A warrant is often issued by the Court when the District Attorney or City Prosecutor files criminal charges following an arrest or incident where the Police came out and took a report. Matthew can go to Court for you and get the warrant recalled and quashed. What about the statute of limitations? Unfortunately, once a case is filed the SOL no longer is applicable. Recently, Matt was hired by an out of state client who got a letter advising him a Warrant was issued forr his arrest, Matt got that recalled and spoke to the prosecution in Redondo Beach about the case and was able to get ALL CHARGES DROPPED! Call Matthew today if you want results on your case.

An Arrest Warrant is issued for a variety of reasons but the most common reason is when the client fails to appear at a court date (FTA); this can be a failure to appear at the initial court date or failure to appear farther into the case. Other reasons for a warrant to issue include failing to report to a probation officer, failure to complete a court ordered program, failure to pay fines and failure to follow other court requirements. Beach Warrants can be recalled upon the request of an attorney. In cases where the warrant was issued for misdemeanors such as DUI, domestic violence cases, public intoxication, driving on suspended license and the like, a lawyer can recall the bench warrant and put the matter back before a judge for resolution.

On occasion a warrant will be issued by the court at the request of the District Attorney without advising the client. This usually occurs after the Prosecutor has completed an investigation and has decided that the client needs to be taken into custody right away either because the crime is serious or there is a concern that the client may leave the area. For many cases however, the client is sent a letter and told to appear at a certain date, time and place. Failure to appear at the time indicated on the letter can cause a warrant to issue. Most clients are issued tickets and told to appear in court on a certain date.

Another type of warrant is one that is issued by a Judge to conduct a search of a residence. This legal document is called a search warrant and allows law enforcement to enter a home legally to seize property and potential evidence. The homeowner must be given a receipt for any property taken.

For example, in one recent case Matthew was hired to represent a client who was facing a bench warrant for a probation violation in Redondo Beach (Torrance Court) for failing to complete community service. The arrest warrant was hindering his ability to get employment and Mr. Ruff was able to get into Court and clear the warrant without the client having to travel to California from out of state.

In another case, Torrance Attorney Matthew Ruff was contacted by a prospective client who discovered he had an old arrest warrant in the Torrance Court for a felony DUI case that began in the city of Redondo Beach. The warrant was preventing him from collecting federal benefits and time was of the essence to resolve the criminal case. What made the case more difficult was the fact that the client had medical problems that kept him from traveling. With that in mind, Matthew filed a motion seeking to dismiss the case and sought to have the matter heard without the defendant's actual presence. The Judge allowed the case to go forward and the lawyer persuaded the District Attorney to agree to drop all charges. The warrant was cleared and the case was closed.

The lawyer was also hired in June of 2013 by the family of a young man who failed to appear for a Court hearing in the Torrance Court regarding a Hermosa Beach arrest for public intoxication, PC 647f. The client lived in Northern California and a trip to the local courthouse would have indeed been onerous. Matthew got the FTA cleared, the warrant re-called and went back to Court and got the case resolved for an infraction (no criminal record).

If you have a warrant out for your arrest or have been the subject of a search warrant you should contact Attorney Matthew J. Ruff immediately to get advice. On some warrants Attorney Ruff may be able to appear in Court without you being present. It is also a good idea to have an attorney with you on a felony warrant as well since in certain circumstances he may be able to get you released without bail and with a new date to appear.

Mr. Ruff has represented many clients in warrant matters he can help get the bench warrant recalled and help you move on with your life. In many cases old bench warrants and arrest warrants can be recalled without the client's appearance, saving the person travel to the Court. For example, just recently the attorney was contacted by a frantic individual now living outside the state of California. The person was finishing up nursing school and had an old bench warrant issued out of the Torrance Court. The case had sat idle for years due to a failure to appear and now it was going to hold up the person's new career. The lawyer immediately went to Court and had the warrant recalled, he then set a date for a hearing and was subsequently able to resolve the matter, all without the client needing to travel back to Los Angeles County. If you or anyone you are close to has a similar problem with an outstanding warrant of arrest in any criminal Court including: Torrance, Redondo Beach, Gardena, Compton, Inglewood, LAX Airport, Long Beach, Bakersfield, Hermosa Beach, Palos Verdes, Burbank, Santa Clarita, Hill Street, Manhattan Beach or any other Court in Los Angeles and Kern County, take the time to call attorney Matthew Ruff, he can help end the sleepless nights, the anxiety and fear for good, free initial call at 310-527-4100.

Matthew Ruff can provide answers to questions such as, how do I get an arrest warrant cleared? Is there a statute of limitations for a bench warrant? How long does a warrant for a failure to appear stay on my record? Among many others, call the lawyer today. Serving Los Angeles and Kern County, Torrance, Redondo Beach, Santa Monica, Hermosa Beach, RPV, Manhattan Beach and Bakersfield California Superior Court.

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