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Client Testimonials

Actual Client Testimonials

Disclaimer: The following are words expressed by clients Matthew has defended over the last 22 years. The information is provided to give prospective clients examples of cases that Matt has handled and a summary or excerpts of the actual case results and client comments, however, nothing on this website should be regarded as a guarantee, warranty or prediction of what may occur in a specific case or what may result in your case as each case result is based on the specific facts and circumstances present in your predicament. One thing is true, there are no two cases that are the same!

"My son was involved in a felony DUI that turned our lives around as you can imagine !! In scrambling to find an attorney, we were lucky enough to find Mr. Ruff….His price compared to others we encountered was very reasonable and it eased our minds….From the start he was very encouraging and available at all times. Mr Ruff was very personable , friendly and got us thru! He never raised his prices. It is with great pleasure that I heartedly recommend Mr. ruff. " Melba Irwin. Los Angeles, posted on Google.

"I hired Matthew Ruff for a petty-theft misdemeanor I was charged with in late 2014. I was a nervous wreck as this was the first time I had ever been in trouble with the law. I had spoken to several attorneys who were doubtful that they could get my charges reduced based on the evidence presented against me, but Matthew explained to me that he was going to go to bat for me and do everything in his powers to make sure this stayed off my record- and he did. He got my charges dismissed in exchange for community service & behavioral management classes- which I was told by my behavioral management counselor was "a blessing" and "not easy to do." Matthew was always responsive to my calls and emails, and was always able to calm my nerves- something that I could not put a price on when dealing with an awful situation like this. In addition to this, Matthew charged me a very reasonable fee and dealt with all of my court appearances and catered to my busy work schedule. I would absolutely recommend him to anybody out there who is looking for the best resolution for their case."

After spending 3 days in jail, I found Matthew Ruff. I told him what had happened, and then I hired him immediately. Matt never tried to convince me to accept a plea bargain and stood by me through the trial and tribulations, as he truly believed that I was innocent. On the first day of the trial, Matt convinced the judge to dismiss 273.5 charges even before the trial started. The prosecution had 2 very young and energetic lawyers working day and night and coming up with more and more concocted evidences to prove me guilty. However, Matt was never perturbed. He demonstrated his confidence throughout the trial. If I was convicted, it would have resulted in me being deported out of the country as I am working in this country on H1b visa. No words could describe Matt's skill and the knowledge of the law. Matt proved to the jury that I was innocent and ensured the case got dismissed. I am truly impressed with the work of Matt, and I would not hesitate to recommend Matt in a heartbeat" Mr. Singh, Redondo Beach

"My son was arrested in Los Angeles County for criminal threats and felony vandalism. As parents we were thousands of miles away in Canada and felt helpless. We went online and found attorney Matthew Ruff who instantly gave us a feeling of confidence and a willingness to help. He went to Court and fought for our son, he persuaded the Judge to drop all felony charges at the preliminary hearing in LAX Court. Our son is now out of jail and we have Mr. Ruff to thank, it is a pleasure to give you the highest rating" -Mr. and Mrs. B from Canada

" I had hired another attorney who pressured me to plead guilty to robbery even though I believed all I had committed was a shoplifting and got into a fight with the security guard when she tried to arrest me. I had priors for theft. Before sentencing I retained Attorney Matthew J. Ruff, he immediately filed a motion to withdraw my previous plea. In January of 2007 Mr. Ruff was able to convince the D.A and the Judge to allow me to reverse the previous plea of Robbery and change my charge to petty theft with a prior, saving me from a strike on my record and a lengthier prison sentence. THANK YOU!" -A.M., Newport Beach CA

"My son was arrested and prosecuted for felony battery on his girlfriend and felony assault. We knew he was innocent and being framed, our lawyer Mr. Ruff understood this and fought the case , never once did he pressure my son to take a deal, only with his help did the district attorney finally dismiss the case, I'm happy to give to a top client review. Thank you from the bottom of my heart" -C.H., Torrance CA

" Thank you for getting my son released from the Los Angeles County jail and persuading the Court to dismiss all 10 of the felony charges against him, you are the best" -H.K., Palm Beach Florida

"I was arrested for rape even though I was innocent and the incident was consensual. My family hired Attorney Ruff he believed in me from the start. His early intervention resulted in the charges being dropped completely." -J.A., Long Beach California

"I was charged with criminal terrorist threats, felony spousal abuse, and assault with force likely to cause great bodily injury and a probation violation in Torrance. The D.A. and my public defender wanted me to take a deal, Attorney Ruff fought the case all the way to jury trial and won-all counts not guilty, I walked out of jail that day" -J.K., Torrance 

" When my brother was arrested and jailed I didn't know who to go to for help. Thank goodness we found Attorney Matt Ruff, he got my brother released from jail and the charges dismissed. Thank you Attorney Ruff!" -S.F. Los Angeles 

My son was charged with attempted rape in Long Beach, Attorney Ruff got his charges dismissed and released from jail, Great Lawyer!, Thank You." -S.G., Long Beach

"I was arrested and charged with DUI. I hired Attorney Matthew Ruff and he immediately started an investigation of the case which resulted in all criminal charges being dismissed" -T.M. Los Angeles 

" Thank you for helping me to avoid jail on 2 counts of Penal Code 288" -D.M., Long Beach CA 

" My lawyer got my solicitation for prostitution charges dismissed in Long Beach, thanks." -Satisfied Palos Verdes Client 

" I was arrested in San Luis Obispo for a DUI but I live in Los Angeles County, I had a prior for DUI. Attorney Matthew Ruff got the DUI dismissed, I never had to do a day in jail." -Happy Whittier Client 

" I hired Attorney Ruff when I was arrested for reckless driving and speeding over 100 miles per hour, he fought the case and beat it-all counts dismissed" -Happy El Monte client

" My son was charged with 2 strike felonies in Long Beach. Criminal Defense Lawyer Matthew Ruff got the charges reduced and my son released from jail" -J.G., San Pedro

"My brother was accused of sexual assault in Long Beach. I retained Lawyer Matthew Ruff to represent him. Mr. Ruff met with the DA's office and after that the case was dropped" -M.S. Long Beach

"Attorney Matthew Ruff got my Bakersfield DUI case dismissed and my license returned" -M.K. Bakersfield

" I was arrested for DUI and the cop said I was .13 blood alcohol. My Lawyer beat the case at the DMV and my license was returned." -L.S. Los Angeles

" I was arrested and charged with robbery and gun charges in the Torrance Court. Mr. Ruff was my Lawyer, he fought the case and all charges were dismissed." _L.B. Torrance

" I was arrested for a DUI in Taft California, Attorney Matthew Ruff was hired and he got the entire criminal case dismissed for insufficient evidence" -Happy San Fernando Valley Client

" I was charged with felony burglary, theft and domestic violence in the Whittier Court, my lawyer, Mr. Ruff got all the felonies dismissed and I got no jail. -C.C., Whittier

" Attorney Matthew Ruff is the best. I was arrested for DUI with a .25 blood alcohol in Redondo Beach California, I had three prior convictions. Mr. Ruff fought the case at the DMV and cross examined the police officer. Based on his examination the DMV dismissed the case against me" -G.T. Redondo Beach

" Mr. Ruff is quite possibly the best attorney I have ever seen. He fought my case where the DA charged me with Rape and sexual assault. The entire case was dismissed" -C.F. Los Angeles

" Attorney Matthew Ruff got me out of Torrance jail and fought the D.A. until the case was dismissed" -A.C., Torrance

" Your efforts on my case were very appreciated. I never thought you could get my San Luis Obispo DUI dismissed with a .17 blood alcohol level, but you did. The fact you also got my license back with no suspension from the DMV was even more phenomenol. I cannot thank you enough." -R.R., San Luis Obispo

" Mr. Ruff got me released from jail on a felony assault with deadly weapon in Norwalk California when no one else could. His motion to the Court to strike my prior strike was granted, I got credit for time served and was released the next day. Thank you for giving me my freedom back!" -M.V., Hawthorne

" NOT GUILTY on Torrance felony charges of assault and battery after a jury trial. Mr. Ruff, you gave me and my family my life back." -G.P., Hermosa Beach

" I was charged with 8 felony counts of credit card theft, identity theft and grand theft, the loss was over $ 8,000.00. Matthew Ruff fought the case and all the felonies were dismissed and I never did a day in jail. Highly recommended!" -L.M., Compton.

" I was charged with evading the police and driving on a suspended license in Torrance, California. I hired Matthew Ruff, he was aggressive and filed motions to dismiss the case. The Judge granted his motion and the case was dropped. Thank You!" -M.S., Torrance

" I was arrested for spousal abuse, I had a prior for the same thing. I was facing jail time. I hired Mr. Ruff, he never once tried to get me to plead guilty, he fought the case hard. Thanks to him the entire case was dismissed, NO JAIL, NO PROBATION, NO CLASSES. You are the best!" -H.K., Compton

" I was arrested and charged with carjacking, robbery, grand theft auto, and gun charges in Long Beach California. I knew I would need a good Lawyer. Matthew Ruff fought the case hard, after numerous hearings and Court battles he convinced the DA to dismiss the case completely. He was able to accomplish this without a trial and never pressured me to "take a deal". -H.T., Long Beach

" Mr. Ruff represented me on marijuana possession in a moving vehicle in Ventura. He negotiated a resolution that involved no probation and no conviction that affected my DMV record, thank you!" -M.W., Ventura

" In my last year of college I was arrested for a DUI in Santa Barbara. Mr. Ruff was able to get the DUI dismissed, get my license returned and avoid a conviction for alcohol on my record." -M.M., Santa Barbara

" My license got suspended for too many points. I looked for a lawyer specializing in DMV suspension issues. I found DMV lawyer Matthew Ruff who fought the Bakersfield DMV and got my license returned." -Happy client from Bakersfield.

" My son (a juvenile) was arrested, taken to jail and charged with armed robbery and attempted carjacking in Long Beach. I was scared and confused and didn't know what to do or who to call. Matthew Ruff got my son released very quickly. When he went to Court he fought the DA and was able to get the case completely dismissed. Thanks to him my son is now home for good." -M.A.S., Long Beach 

" Matthew, at a time when I thought all hopes of winning my case had been exhausted you came through again and again and kept all hopes alive. I want to thank you for your professionalism, the faith and confidence you instilled upon me and the way you fought the case to go in my favor. it is very rare to find an attorney with such qualities nowadays. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart." -J.L.J., Torrance.

" I was charged with a Hermosa Beach DUI, I decided to handle the case myself but when I went to Court and was convicted I went to attorney Ruff to handle my DMV hearing. He got the case dropped and my license back. I regret not having him handle my criminal case as well" -A.A , Hermosa Beach 

" I was charged with felony domestic violence and ADW in Torrance California and I had a strike prior. My family retained Matthew Ruff, he immediately was on my side (no one else was including my former public defender). The case was dismissed completely, I have my life back!" -M.M, Torrance 

" Unbelievable! I had a .17 blood alcohol DUI in Whittier. Attorney Ruff got the case dismissed when he showed that the police officer violated my contitutional rights. Thank You!" -C.R., Los Angeles 

" My husband was arrested and charged with criminal terrorist threats with 10 prior strikes in Compton California. Mr. Ruff was retained and obtained evidence to exonerate my husband, thru his hard work the case was dismissed without a trial" -V.P., Carson California 

" I was arrested in Gardena on a criminal charge I hired criminal attorney Ruff to represent me. He got the case thrown out in court." -T.M., Gardena

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