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Hawthorne has the reputation of being very aggressive in the enforcement of criminal codes and vehicular related charges such as driving under the influence (DUI). The city has a high proportion of officers due to it's proximity to the airport and the high density of industry and commercial business in the area.

Top Hawthorne DUI Attorney Matthew Ruff has the skills necessary to successfully defend your drunk driving case. DWI, as it is commonly called, is an offense that can cause harmful consequences to your criminal record and DMV file. In California, a conviction for driving under the influence is required to remain on your permanent record for a minimum of 10 years. Fighting the case is the sensible option.

Indeed, in a recent article published by AAA, they estimated the cost of a DUI conviction can be upwards of twenty thousand dollars. Therefore, fighting a drunk driving case can be the best approach over simply pleading guilty. Indeed, Being arrested can be the most frightening experience a person can go through, Matthew Ruff is a local Top Rated Criminal Defense Attorney with over 25 years representing the wrongfully accused, and sometimes guilty but with circumstances justifying a second chance. Being arrested for any crime can be very stressful and nerve racking but with the assistance of an experienced lawyer the process can be much more tolerable. If you have been charged and are facing a pending Court appearance the last thing you should do is bury your head in the sand and hope it will go away, it won't. Because all he does is criminal defense and driving under the influence cases, Matt knows the ins and outs of negotiating with the DA and finding legally recognized defenses that can change the complexion of your case, possibly resulting in a dismissal or reduction of charges. He is a pro at keeping the records clean of his clients and giving them a second chance. Matthew is known statewide as the "Master of DUI Defense".

The Highest Success Rate!

Matt was called upon to defend a client found passed out behind the wheel of his car in Los Angeles County. He was contacted by the police after a passerby reported his vehicle blocking traffic. The officers found the client slumped over his wheel with his foot on the brake and the transmission in drive. The officers removed him from the vehicle and had him perform various field sobriety tests which he performed poorly. The client was arrested and booked for driving under the influence (DUI). Matt was hired and fought the case vigorously. Ultimately the DUI CHARGES WERE DROPPED!

Matthew was hired by a resident of Westchester who was pulled over after exiting the parking lot of a bar near LAX Airport. The LAPD officer claimed the client cut off their patrol car causing them to have to slam on their brakes. Once stopped the officers said they smelled the odor of alcohol and observed bloodshot watery eyes and slurred speech. He was asked to exit his car whereupon he was requested to perform FST exercises, he refused. He was arrested and subsequently refused to submit to any chemical test. Driving under the influence charges were filed with the added enhancement of refusal to provide a test. The offer from the Los Angeles City Attorney was plead to the charge for 48 hours jail. Matt set the case for trial and ultimately waived jury to a Judge Court Trial. Following Matt's cross examination of the arresting officers he made a motion to dismiss which was granted. CHARGES DISMISSED!

Matt was retained on a case where the client was arrested for disorderly conduct (Penal Code 647f) and vandalism after a night of heavy drinking. The accused was an employee of SpaceX and was concerned about losing his job if convicted of the crimes. Matthew was acutely aware of the consequences and embarked on a mission to get the charges dropped. The case was more complex because extensive damage was done to a Tesla and property at an apartment complex. Amazingly, Matt was able to negotiate a COMPLETE DISMISSAL of the charges.

A client was referred to Matthew Ruff by another attorney after the Hawthorne Police Department contacted him regarding an allegation of child molestation (Penal Code 288). The client was adamant about his innocence and needed help defending himself against these baseless allegations. The detective in the case was harassing him and insisting he take a polygraph test and be interrogated. Matthew immediately contacted the investigator and invoked his client's 5th Amendment right to remain silent and demanded no further contact with his client. The investigation continued for quite some time but Matt was able advise the client on how to deal with the false accusations. Finally, after moths of repeated attempts to interview his client by the investigators, the CHARGES WERE DROPPED!

Matthew was hired by the family of a young woman charged with driving under the influence of marijuana. The client had crashed into two parked cars. A vape pen was found inside the car and officers commenced a DUI investigation, administering several field sobriety tests and ultimately arresting her for DUID VC 23152f and she submitted to a blood test. The blood test showed the presence of THC. Top Hawthorne DUI Attorney Matthew Ruff got the reports and starting building a defense. He got a confirmatory test of the blood and found weaknesses in the prosecution's case. Matt filed a motion to dismiss and when the case came up for hearing the District Attorney DISMISSED ALL CHARGES.

On September 19, 2018 Matt successfully obtained a DISMISSAL of a DUI, Open Container and resisting arrest on a case where the client was stopped in the Fabulous Burgers Restaurant in Hawthorne. The police stopped the vehicle for no license plates and began to harass the client. The client had a small amount of alcohol his blood along with cocaine and Marijuana. An open bottle of Hennessey was found on the floorboard. In Court, Matthew challenged the toxicology and was able to show the blood test result was flawed. The drug results were reflective of someone who had ingested the substances but were NOT IMPAIRED. The charges were dropped in LAX Court.

Matthew was called upon to defend a client arrested for DUI near Hawthorne California. the client was arrested after the officers stopped the vehicle and smelled the odor of alcohol. After hearing slurred speech and seeing bloodshot eyes, a series of field sobriety tests were administered roadside. The arrest report alleged the client failed to perform the tests as demonstrated. A chemical test was performed and the results were above the legal limit. Matthew brought in a toxicologist and was able to argue the client was actually below the legal limit at the time of driving. Based on Matt's hard work he was able to obtain a finding of NOT GUILTY in Court.

Matt was hired by an LAX employee after she was arrested at a sobriety checkpoint. She was detained by police after they detected an odor of alcohol on her breath. A breath test was administered and she was placed in custody. She opted for a blood test at the station and released after spending 8 hours in custody. Matthew got on board the next day and obtained a copy of the reports and blood test results which were reported to be .10 percent. He went to Court and got the DUI charges reduced to a non alcohol related offense.

Hawthorne California is located in southwest Los Angeles County. The area is known for its year round great mild climate and the home of the Beach Boys. The city is bordered by Inglewood, Lawndale and El Segundo and is near the 405 and 105 freeways. An arrest for any criminal offense in Hawthorne California can be a daunting and terrifying experience. Attorney Matthew Ruff has personally defended thousands of criminal cases ranging from DUI to serious felony matters and he has the experience and credibility to obtain the best result for his clients. All arrests for crimes in the region go to the Inglewood Court for prosecution. Felony cases are prosecuted by the Los Angeles County District Attorney and most cases go to the LAX Court. Misdemeanors such as DUI, weapons violations, minor drug possession, drunk in public, etc are prosecuted by the Hawthorne City Attorneys office and are heard in the Inglewood Court.

A common question asked is what are the maximum penalty for driving under the influence in California? The maximum term of confinement is 6 months in jail, but that sentence is virtually never handed down. In fact, jail is often not a likely factor for first offenders but loss of license, points on your DMV record and huge fines are all quite likely. The good news is that a local attorney can, in many cases, find a legal defense to possibly reduce, dismiss or get the charges dropped completely if the facts warrant it.

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Because of its proximity to many freeways and the beach cities, Hawthorne is notorious for its aggressive enforcement of DUI laws and targeting drivers who are suspended or unlicensed. Checkpoints are commonly seen inside the city limits and these enforcement efforts result in hundreds of drunk driving cases being filed in the local Courts and at the DMV.

One of the most common questions asked by a person charged with a Hawthorne criminal offense is: what are the minimum and maximum penalties? The answer depends on the charge, for example a misdemeanor carries a maximum of one year in the county jail. A felony case can result in a state prison sentence. Even though the law can impose these punishments, a local criminal lawyer can make the difference between incarceration and probation. When people search for a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Hawthorne CA, Matthew comes up in the TOP rankings because of his experience and he is local.

A Hawthorne DUI Attorney may be necessary if you were arrested for driving under the influence and the officer took your license and handed you a DMV notice, in addition to the criminal charges, the DMV will initiate an administrative proceeding that has nothing to do with the Court case.

Hawthorne Criminal Defense Attorney Matthew Ruff is available to meet with you, either over the phone or in the privacy of his law office to discuss all possible outcomes for your specific legal matter. Matthew has an impeccable track record in resolving serious charges for his clients in Hawthorne Court. For example, recently he defended a young person facing mandatory jail on a third time DUI case. Because of his relationship with local prosecutors he negotiated a reduced charge of wet reckless despite evidence of a blood alcohol level above .20%. In yet another case, he had a client charged with possession of a deadly weapon and was facing expulsion from school and a permanent scar on his record. Matthew met with the City Attorney soon after the arrest and obtained a deal for dismissal of all charges.

When looking at a criminal charge, call Hawthorne Attorney Matthew Ruff directly at 310-527-4100 for a case evaluation.

The Top 4 Ways To Beat A DUI Charge?

1. You are Not Guilty. Yes, many people arrested are in fact not guilty of the crime charged and this is why the criminal justice system exists. In DWI cases many folks are actually below the legal limit at the time of the stop because they are still absorbing alcohol. Matt knows how to present this evidence at get an acquittal in appropriate cases.

2. You Were Stopped Illegally. In some cases the police make mistakes that violate your rights, when this happens Matt knows how to get the case Dismissed.

3. Your Constitutional Rights Were Violated. There are a litany of state and federal rights that protect people from the abuse of government. Top Hawthorne DUI Attorney Matthew Ruff knows how to get cases dropped when the cops violate your rights.

4. Show The Breath Machine Wasn't in Good Working Order. Matt gets all the records pertaining to the particular machine that was used in your case. These records include the maintenance history, accuracy checks and usage logs. These documents can often contain information that shows the machine was not performing well or was not properly reading samples with the required level of accuacy.

If you or a loved one has been arrested and need a DUI Attorney in Hawthorne California, call Matt today for a free case review.

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