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Why hire Matthew J. Ruff? First of all he is a Top Tier California Criminal Defense Attorney with over 25 years experience defending clients charged with all types of criminal offenses. You shouldn't settle for second best when it comes to fighting a criminal or DUI case. Secondly, Matthew is TOP RATED by all the major lawyer associations, this comes from getting the best client reviews. If you or a relative is facing an upcoming Court date you shouldn't settle for second best. Mr. Ruff knows that being arrested and accused of a criminal offense can, and most often is, the most traumatic and frightening experience a person can go through in their entire life. With two decades of defending clients, he has the connections, the knowledge and wisdom to get you through the tough time ahead of you. He has the the experience of handling over 4000 criminal cases. Matt handles cases throughout California.

Case of the Week

Matt represented a client arrested on the 710 freeway for driving under the influence of alcohol. CHP officers observed the vehicle weaving across lanes of travel and stopped her vehicle. The officers detected the odor of alcohol and other alleged symptoms of intoxication. The client was given a litany of field sobriety tests and did not perform them to the officer's satisfaction. Ultimately a field breath test was performed and she blew a .15/.14 BAC on the test, she was arrested. The client was a local refinery worker and was concerned about her job if she was convicted of DUI. Matt took the case and was dedicated to finding a way to avoid the consequences the client feared. Matt obtained all pertinent reports and evidence and appeared in Court on the case. In Court Matt sat down with the District Attorney and explained what he believed were weaknesses in the case reports and discussed mitigating factors such as the client's clean criminal record and spotless DMV history. The DA listened and agreed to DROP THE DUI CHARGES and reduce the offense to a wet reckless. How was Matt able to beat the DUI in this case? It wasn't because the breath test was not accurate, nor was it because the client was not under the influence, it was because an experienced attorney can identify weaknesses in the police reports and expose those problems to the prosecutor in order to have a better "bargaining position" when negotiating a drunk driving case in Court. Matt has close to 30 years fighting criminal cases and he can spot issues quicker than less experienced lawyers.

The Highest Success Rate!

On August 1, 2023 Matthew was successful in getting charges dismissed for child endangerment and DUI for a client in Los Angeles. The case stemmed from an arrest by CHP on the 101 freeway near downtown LA. The client was pulled over for weaving and failed FST tests, she had her 8 year old son in the the car at the time. She was arrested and blew above the per se limit of .08 BAC. The results were made even more special given the fact the client was a nurse. Dismissal of the child endangerment and DUI charges spared her from a certain loss of her nursing license and horrific long term consequences. DOMESTIC VIOLENCE CHARGES DROPPED! Matt was retained by a client arrested and charged with Penal Code 273.5 after he was accused of hitting his domestic partner during an altercation. The police were called out because the partner believed they could help "mediate" their dispute, little did he know that when this happens someone usually ends up going to jail. The key difference in this case was Matt was referred by another lawyer and the client hired him immediately after the arrest. By retaining an attorney quickly, Matt was able to reach out to the local prosecutor and intervene before charges were filed. The case was dropped completely and the client never had to appear in Court.

The proliferation of Fentanyl in this Country has resulted in the increase of criminal prosecutions for possession of this controlled substance for sale. Matthew recently defended a client arrested in his home in Los Angeles after the LASD served a search warrant and found over 2 Kilograms of Fentanyl and Methamphetamine. The client was a young man, easily influenced by his peers. The District Attorney was seeking prison time, however Matt fought the case and resolved the charges for CREDIT FOR TIME SERVED and PROBATION.

Matthew was retained to defend a client arrested in Torrance CA for Hit and Run Resulting in Death. The Felony charges involved an accident where the client struck and killed a bicycle rider and fled the scene. Investigators were able to track down the vehicle with Ring camera footage and other physical evidence left at the accident site. The client was an employee at SpaceX and had two small children. When contacted by law enforcement the client confessed to the crime and took full responsibility. Upon his release he searched for the best ciminal defense attorney in Torrance and found Matthew. Matt knew he had a tough case but that never deters him from leaving no stone unturned to get the best results possible. The Los Angeles District Attorney wanted 1 year in jail which would have devastated the client's family. Being the sole breadwinner, any incarceration would have resulted in no income for the family and be detrimental to the children. Matt fought the case aggressively and filed a motion asking the Court to dismiss the charges under certain conditions. The Judge granted Matthew's motion and the client got NO JAIL and the CRIMINAL CHARGES WERE DISMISSED. The client was left with a clean record and no conviction.

On September 15, 2023 Matt got all criminal charges dismissed in a possession of a loaded handgun and concealed weapon case. The incident took place at the LAX Airport where the client was traveling and passed through the TSA security checkpoint. The officers found a loaded gun in the client's backpack as he was attempting to board a plane. Matt got involved and was able to file a motion seeking dismissal of the charges. The Judge granted Matt's request and the client was able to keep a clean record. What is most noteworthy is Matt was able to handle all Court appearance because the client did not live in California.

Matt also handles criminal cases on the Island of Catalina, which is part of Los Angeles County. Recently, Matt defended a client arrested in Avalon for drunk driving after a Sherriff's Deputy claimed he nearly crashed into his patrol car with his golfcart. The client was pulled over and smelled of alcohol, had slurred speech and was asked to perform field sobriety tests which he failed. The client took a breath test which showed a BAC of .24%, 3 times the legal limit in California. The client was arrested for driving under the influence and released with a future Court date on the Island. Matt was hired after the client, who lived in Fresno, asked his local attorney for a referral. Matt took the case and handled all Court appearances. Matt was able to get the high breath test .20 BAC enhancement dismissed and worked out a resolution for informal probation. The disposition saved the client from a mandatory 10 month DMV suspension and a 9 month alcohol class and the client never had to appear in court.

Matthew was called upon to defend a client charged with illegal possession of a concealed firearm at the airport. The client was arrested while passing through LAX Airport and mistakenly left a concealed, loaded firearm in his carry-on bag. Matt immediately put a defense case together to get the charges dropped. A motion was filed in Los Angeles Airport Court to dismiss all charges and the judge granted the motion. As a result, the client walked away with a FULL DISMISSAL OF THE CHARGES and a clean record. He was particularly happy because he lived outside Los Angeles and Matt handled all Court appearances.

Matt was hired to defend a client in Los Angeles who was facing an upcoming court date for charges of Felony Grand Theft (PC 487A) and Petty Theft with Priors (PC666) as a Felony. The client had 11 previous convictions for theft related offenses in California but had subsequently cleaned up his life and had been crime free for many years. The client was arrested during a traffic stop on a bench warrant for a case he wasn't aware of, filed years earlier. As an experienced criminal defense attorney, Matt knew the DA had possibly violated his client's constitutional right to a speedy trial and he filed a motion to dismiss the charges. A hearing was set in Superior Court. On June 14, 2023 the District Attorney conceded Matt's motion and DISMISSED ALL FELONY CHARGES.

Matthew just wrapped up a DISMISSAL on an assault case and possession of cocaine out of Redondo Beach last week. The client was arrested at his home after a roommate accused him of assaulting him. The client was innocent and the victim, simply acting in self defense but the police saw it the other way. Matt got into Court and worked out a resolution to get ALL CHARGES DISMISSED.

Matt was retained by a client with a DUI in Redondo Beach where she had failed to appear and a bench warrant had been issued. The breath test results were .28/.29 BAC and she had another DUI pending. Matt knew he had his work cut out for him but he leaned into it and filed a motion challenging various aspects of the stop, arrest and testing. Matt knew it was not going to be easy but he never gives up. His motion to dismiss was granted and ALL CHARGES WERE DISMISSED on May 10, 2021.

Just last month Matthew was able to get criminal charges of Organized Retail Theft and Child Endangerment dropped in Los Angeles Superior Court for a client who was facing potential deportation if convicted. The case involved stealing multiple items from a Macys Store with special tools to remove the security tags from the merchandise. Store security captured the entire incident on video and called the police after detaining her inside the store. The client had her minor son with her and therefore the DA filed the contributing to the delinquency of a child charges as well. The client's family searched online for the best criminal defense lawyer to help their mother and found Matt. Matt put together a solid mitigation package and presented it to the prosecutor who agreed to a deal that results in the DISMISSAL OF ALL CHARGES.

Matt defended a client charged with felony reckless driving after he turned in front of a motorcycle on PCH in Redondo Beach. The injuries resulted in GBI allegations and the client was facing time in prison because he had 3 prior DUI convictions. Matt fought the case tirelessly by getting experts and scrupulously attacking the evidence collected by the police. On October 13, 2020 ALL CHARGES WERE DISMISSED in Torrance Court.

Matthew was hired by a client arrested in Gardena after a scuffle with his girlfriend. She claimed our client attacked her without cause and it resulted in minor redness to her leg. In truth the accused was defending himself after she assaulted him. Fortunately Matt has experience defending these cases and he immediately got involved and took steps to protect his client. Ultimately ALL CHARGES WERE DROPPED.

Matthew was retained by a client arrested for possession of a concealed loaded firearm at the airport in Los Angeles. Matt quickly got involved and reached out to the local prosecutor in charge. Since the client had no prior criminal record Matt was able to negotiate a complete dismissal of the charges, keeping the client's record clean.

Matt was hired by a client arrested for domestic violence (PC 243e1) after she assaulted her ex with pepper spray outside his workplace. The entire incident was captured on video surveillance. The two had prior instances of violence and the attorney was able to fashion a defense based on that. In March of 2018 the DA in Compton Court DISMISSED ALL CHARGES and the protective order was lifted.

Matt was retained by a client arrested for public intoxication PC 647f on Catalina Island, Avalon Court. The DA in that Court wanted probation which would have resulted in a permanent criminal record so Matthew entered a not guilty plea and fought the charges. After three hearings all charges were dismissed leaving the client with a clean record.

Matthew was hired by a member of the Redondo Beach Yacht Club who was arrested after she was stopped after an anonymous caller reported seeing her get into her car carrying a glass of wine. The officer ran her through various field sobriety tests and searched her car, finding an empty wine glass. She was charged with drunk driving after a blood test revealed a BAC level of .12. Matthew filed a motion in Torrance Criminal Court asserting her Constitutional rights were violated by the stop. A local Judge disagreed and denied the motion, however Matt appealed to a 3 Judge Panel who agreed and threw out the case on November 27, 2017. (Case BR053296).

In another local case, Matt was retained by the family of a young man facing DUI-Drug charges in the Torrance Court. He was arrested after colliding with a telephone pole and observed driving over 100 mph by several witnesses. The issue in the case was whether he was impaired by a drug vs. a psychiatric condition. A Drug Recognition Expert from the T.P.D. concluded he was under the influence of drugs after running him through several field sobriety tests and medical evaluation. To overcome this evidence Matt employed a number of experts to contradict the police evidence. It worked! All DUI charges were dropped in August after months of fighting the City Prosecutor.

Here is what a couple of past clients had to say in on line reviews on Sites such as AVVO and Yelp : "My wife retained the services of Matthew Ruff to represent her in a tough DUI case. Her situation was unfavorable at best, however Mr. Ruff exceeded our expectations in representing her and we ended up with a fair and reasonable conclusion to the case...."

In another review, this actual client had this to say in his 5 star review: "Mathew Ruff is a Godsend. He is a master at his craft and gives you a level of expertise that is unmatched. I always felt I was being dealt with with great honesty and integrity. Throughout this process I knew I was in great hands. I have already referred him to some friends who need his expertise. I can't state enough just how good he is at his profession and the level of professionalism he exhibits on a constant basis. In my opinion you can't hire someone better than Mr Ruff, written by Steve K. from Los Angeles on 2-26-16.

Over the course of his long and successful career he has spared clients from what they believed would be certain incarceration and a permanent scar on their record. As a Torrance Criminal Defense Attorney he endeavors to provide the information and advice essential to understand what lies ahead in the criminal justice system in California and can help to avoid the potential life long consequences resulting from an arrest, criminal prosecution or police investigation. Matthew Ruff enjoys the top rating of "Superb" by AVVO and a 5 star rating from his clients on Yelp.

The following is an actual client review posted on August 18, 2015 :

" I cannot sing enough praise for Matt, who was a pleasure to work with during this entire process. His professionalism and attention to detail are second to none. Additionally, the very reasonable rate he quoted me when I first contacted him was the exact rate he charged me upon resolution of my issue. No bait-and-switch. No last minute "contingency" that required additional cost. And absolutely no hidden fees. As I mentioned before, I do not live in California so being kept up to date from beginning to end (without needing to travel to California at all) mattered a lot to me. Again, Matt didn't cease to impress in that regard either. He kept me in the loop and was extremely flexible in his response to a last minute issue with the court date. All in all, if you need legal advice or representation in the L.A. area, Matt Ruff should be your first call. Even if he isn't, after speaking with him I guarantee he will be your last. Thanks for everything Matt!"

Case Law Update!

A California Court of Appeal has ruled that the current bail system in the state creates an unfair tax on poor people and not considering a defendant's financial ability to post bail can violate the Constitution. The case is In re Kenneth Humphrey. This legal opinion now gives those persons incarcerated on a criminal charge an argument to seek release on house arrest or be granted a lower bail if it can be established they lack the financial ability to post the statutory bail set In the case. This case is groundbreaking in the sense that it recognizes what many have believed for years, that the bail system is prejudiced in favor of the rich. Using this case, it is possible that a defense attorney can obtain release of a criminal defendant that is being held in custody pending trial and has not been able to afford bail.

Noteworthy Case Results

Client was arrested by officers after he was caught stealing from his job at Home Depot. The District Attorney alleged the losses to exceed $7500 so they filed the case as a felony. Facing Embezzlement and Grand Theft, Matthew was hired by the family and met with the DA to negotiate a fair resolution. He was able to convince them to reduce the charges to a misdemeanor with no jail time. July 23, 2016.

Matt was hired by the mother of a 19 year old charged with underage DUI in Newport Beach. He was pulled over for speeding and given a roadside breath test which revealed a .05 BAC. Matt took the case and set the matter for trial, knowing full well what the consequences would be if he was convicted. At trial Matt managed to have the breath test results thrown out on a legal technicality and the client was found NOT GUILTY AT TRIAL on August 11, 2015

Matthew was retained by a worried mother to represent her daughter who was arrested by Torrance Police for possession for sale of methamphetamine. The incident took place in a motel room where the client was staying with a friend. The authorities alleged the client was selling drugs from the location and thereafter were dispatched and conducted a search whereupon controlled substances were seized, money, scales and other indicia of narcotics sales. Matthew arraigned the accused and thereafter negotiated a resolution with the District Attorney as follows: The client would get treatment for addiction to meth, stay out of trouble for six months and the entire case would be dismissed. On May 10, 2015 the Court reconvened the matter and all charged were dropped.

Mr. Ruff was engaged to defend a oilfield worker arrested after his car was crashed into a rock wall. He was detained following a 911 call by residents and his breath test showed a BAC of well above .20, he also had prior convictions which escalated his exposure exponentially. Matt sought and obtained a DMV hearing where he introduced evidence showing doubt regarding his guilt. Result: the state agreed with Mr. Ruff and set aside the suspension, license returned February 21, 2015!

Matthew was hired by a client following an arrest in Palos Verdes Estates for DUI. The facts of the case were very interesting. The police received a 911 call stating that a vehicle was being driven recklessly up Crenshaw, running red lights,etc. and the caller gave them a license plate number.The police tracked the license plate to a home in Palos Verdes and proceeded to investigate the case as a drunk driving offense. They saw the vehicle in the driveway upon their arrival, they attempted to contact the occupants by calling the home number and knocking on an outside gate. Not getting a response, they entered through the gate into the front yard and saw the accused on a couch inside, they contacted her and asked her to step outside. Once she did, they obtained admissions from her about the driving, she failed FST tests and was arrested for VC23152. She was booked and gave a breath test of .14%. Matt filed a motion attacking the arrest on the grounds the arrest violated the 4th Amendment as an unlawful search without a warrant. After a full fledged hearing in the Torrance Court,the Judge agreed and threw out the charges on October 20, 2014.

Matthew was retained by a client arrested in Gardena for DUI and driving with a blood alcohol level of .08 or more when he was stopped for not wearing a seat belt and, according to the cop, failed the field sobriety tests. He worked for the US Post Office for 20 plus years and was scared to lose his job because of a conviction for those charges. Matt understood what was at stake but also was facing a bit of a challenge because the blood test came back .12%. Not deterred, he fought the case hard and was ultimately able to get a reduction to a reckless driving in the Torrance Court thereby saving the client from having to install an ignition interlock on his vehicles and the consequences to his employment. If you are looking for a criminal defense lawyer in Torrance, Matt can help you.

A 20 year old hired Matthew after he was stopped and cited for underage DUI in northern Los Angeles County by the CHP. The client was scared of losing his license, having a conviction for alcohol on his DMV record and having to suffer from the stigma of a DUI forever. Matthew took the bull by the horns and set the case for trial. At Court he convinced the judge that the breath tests of .07 and .06 were unreliable and the judge agreed, the client was acquitted in Court of all charges.

Many folks come to Matthew after being accused of driving under the influence, these cases are often complex from the standpoint of dealing with the chemical test issues, constitutional principles and regulatory requirements. In one very recent case he was hired by a young man arrested by the CHP after his car was involved in a solo vehicle accident on Interstate 5, he was given a blood test that showed his BAC to be .14 and he was facing a loss of his driver's license at the DMV. From a defense perspective the facts presented a bit of a challenge due to the elevated alcohol levels, undeterred, the attorney presented evidence by way of a forensic toxicologist, that the client's ethanol concentration changed during the course of the investigation and the true level at the time of driving was not able to be determined. In the end the hearing officer agreed and set aside the suspension, In court we were able to work out a deal for a "unsafe lane change" and all DUI charges were dropped.

When you are facing Criminal Charges you need to choose a qualified California Criminal Defense Attorney quickly. A LOCAL and EXPERIENCED Criminal Defense Lawyer will be able to evaluate your situation and set an effective legal strategy. Criminal Defense Attorney and local Lawyer Matthew J. Ruff can answer your questions about Serious Felony cases, Three Strike Allegations, juvenile cases involving minors, DUI, DWI DMV Hearings, Expungement of Convictions, Bail Reduction, Jail Alternatives, Drunk Driving, Assault, Serious Drug Possession cases, Criminal Threats, Petty Theft, Felony, all shoplifting and petty theft cases, Domestic Violence and spousal abuse, Burglary, Robbery, Driving with Suspended License, identity theft, cases of hit and run. Call the Defense Attorney for a FREE CONSULTATION honest advice and information about your specific case and all available options for all cases in Los Angeles and Kern County. CALL TO SPEAK DIRECTLY WITH MR. RUFF Toll Free: 1-877-213-4453.

When you or someone close to you has been arrested for a crime Attorney Matthew Ruff can help answer your questions and concerns. Will I be going to Jail? Will I lose my Job? Will I lose my drivers license?, among many others. Mr. Ruff is available to speak with you directly about your case, you will not be transferred to a paralegal or "case manager". For many individuals facing probation violations, or bench warrants for failing to appear in Court, Mr. Ruff can act as your advocate and appear for you, thereby avoiding the possibility of a remand or jail. If you would like to consult with a local, experienced, criminal defense lawyer in Los Angeles, Torrance, and Kern County Courts call toll free 1-877-213-4453. Call the Top Criminal and DUI Lawyer for answers to your questions, a realistic idea on a likely resolution and a path forward.

How Much Does The Best Criminal Defense Lawyer Cost? The answer may surprise you, Matthew's fees are very affordable compared to the extraordinary costs associated with a conviction. For example, if you are convicted of Domestic Violence the monetary costs can easily exceed $10,000.00 and this does not account for the long-term consequences the conviction can cause. For instance, you will never be able to own or possess a gun, you will likely lose custody of your children if divorced, you will be forced to attend weekly DV classes for a minimum of one year, you will be denied employment and the list goes on and on. Similarly, in a DUI case, AAA estimates the monetary cost of a conviction for DUI can easily exceed $15,000.00. When you compare this with the cost of a lawyer to defend you (typically $3,000 to $5,000), the cost is minimal. So, the answer to how much a criminal defense attorney costs involves much more than the dollar amount of the fee. Matthew's fees are based on the specific charges and complexity of the case, contact Matt for a fee quote and the estimated cost of your defense.

As a Local Criminal Defense Attorney in both Los Angeles and Kern County, Matthew Ruff has the advantage of knowing the particular Judge who will be hearing your case, as well as the specific prosecutor. His clients also have the benefit of direct personal contact, in that Mr. Ruff is available to speak to directly, the client is not forced to go through a secretary, or paralegal each time he or she has questions about the case. In addition, Mr. Ruff gives each of his clients his cell phone number so that he can be reached in cases of emergency. It is this PERSONAL ATTENTION and caring that sets him apart from other lawyers in the area of criminal law.

How do you choose a Criminal Defense Attorney to represent you?
First, you should look at the lawyers experience in defending people accused of violating the law. Many attorneys claim to be capable of representing people being prosecuted by the government, however, when asked to describe specific cases in which they have obtained victories for the client, they speak of their jobs as prosecutors or try to change the subject. Matthew Ruff has nearly a decade and a half actually defending ordinary citizens against the incredible power of the state of California. Although he spent time working within the office of the District Attorney, he used this experience wisely to learn the inner workings and later applied this inside knowledge to defend his clients as a Criminal Defense Attorney in Los Angeles and Kern County. For example, Matthew recently represented a DUI client in the Torrance Court. She had a breath test result of .12 and was stopped for driving without lights in Hermosa Beach. The attorney used his years of experience to negotiate a reduced charge of wet reckless which effectively meant that the client did not have to have an ignition interlock installed in all of her cars.

Criminal Defense Lawyer, Matthew J. Ruff has personally defended thousands of cases!
Unlike many other lawyers, attorney Ruff practices criminal law exclusively. He is in Court virtually every day securing the release and negotiating favorable dispositions for his clients. For him the law is not merely a vocation, it is his passion. He understands that a criminal allegation is perhaps the most stressful event a person can go through whether it be a simple petty theft, underage 21 DUI, domestic violence or accusations of rape and sexual offenses, assault or even murder. Frankly, what is most important is what his thousands of satisfied clients say about his work and he takes great pride in the fact that most of his cases come from referrals from clients he has represented.


Someone told me to wait until I go to Court to get a Lawyer, is this good advice?
We have all heard the expression a ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, the same applies to the area of criminal investigations and prosecution. Having a criminal defense lawyer in Los Angeles or Kern County available, up to speed on the facts and particulars of your individual legal problem gives you a distinct "leg up" and advantage in acquiring the most advantageous outcome. Let's face it, burying your head in the sand and hoping your problem goes away is not an effective way to deal with any trouble. Call an attorney who has gone head to head with the District Attorneys office in all major Courts from Los Angeles to Bakersfield, your future is too important to risk on chance.

I was arrested for a DUI in Los Angeles County, do I need a Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney to assist me in the process of going to Court and protecting my license?
While there is no absolute requirement that a lawyer be retained to represent an accused, not having a private attorney can cost you big time. First, we can go to Court without you having to travel back to California. Second, we have consistently been able to get charges dropped for those visiting the state while on vacation. We go to Court for you in most cases! Third, we can take steps to immediately save your home state drivers license from suspension following a drunk driving incident. Fourth, we know the local D.A. and Judges and can be a tremendous asset in the process of avoiding jail and the long term consequences of a criminal conviction.

Can Mr. Ruff help my child with a Juvenile Case or Under 21 Criminal Charge?
Yes, in addition to defending adults, the lawyer has an impressive track record in Juvenile Court as well. With dismissals for such serious offenses as robbery, theft, vandalism, minor in possession of alcohol, DUI, zero tolerance DMV license actions, gang arrests, sexual molestation and assault just to name a few. Matthew can help to avoid a criminal record and increased insurance costs for all juvenile cases in Los Angeles, Orange and Kern Counties. The amazing results that our law firm has achieved are too numerous to list, however a short list of the 2010 cases include: Underage DUI Dismissed in Los Angeles Superior Court , Robbery Charges Dropped in Inglewood Juvenile Court, Refusal to submit to breath test suspension at DMV set aside in El Segundo, Third time drunk driving charges dropped in Santa Clarita, Drug Possession charges dismissed for minor in criminal Court in Torrance/Palos Verdes, Hit and Run charges dropped in Long Beach among the many other fantastic case results....

What is the difference between a "Top Tier" Criminal Defense Attorney and one that is not? A top tier lawyer has over 25 years experience, they have a reputation of success, are skilled in trial technique and are well respected in the legal community. Matthew is recognized as one of the Top Tier attorneys because he not only meets the minimal standards but has one of the highest success rates among all in his field, he cares about his clients and treats them all like family.

Matthew Has The Best Track Record For Getting Charges Dropped!

Torrance DUI Attorney Wins APS DMV Hearing For Client With .12 BAC

Matthew was retained by a client with a security clearance who was arrested in Gardena CA for driving under the influence of alcohol. He was stopped by the police for "tinted windows" and was ran through the paces of field sobriety tests and other questioning before being taken into custody for DWI. When he came to see Matt he was fraught with worry about the consequences this would have on his future. The lawyer sought a hearing to reverse the drivers license suspension and was able to have his license returned due to an illegal stop by the police in early 2014.

Torrance Criminal Attorney, Matthew Ruff was hired by the family of a young man accused of attempted murder with gang allegations out of the Inglewood Court. The police alleged that the defendant was the driver of a car involved in a drive-by shooting in a suburban Los Angeles neighborhood. The alleged victim was walking outside his house when a person wearing a hoodie approached him and fired several shots, wounding him and sending him to the hospital. The suspect was arrested hours later at his apartment and a gun was found nearby. While in custody the defendant made dozens of phone calls and he was also charged with attempting to intimidate and dissuade the victim, again with gang enhancements. The client was facing two life terms in prison. Matthew got the gang charges dismissed at the preliminary hearing, on July 10, 2013 he negotiated a deal that resulted in all original charges being dropped and the client spending less than a year in jail.

Matthew was retained by a young man that was facing the loss of his job as an oilfield worker for a major Corporation due to an arrest for a DUI. The accused was observed driving a motor vehicle without his headlights on, a violation of the California Vehicle Code. The CHP officer detected an odor of an alcoholic beverage, bloodshot and watery eyes and slurred speech. He performed unsatisfactorily on Field Sobriety Tests and the PAS test indicated intoxication. Based on these criteria, the client was arrested for VC23152, (AKA DWI). At the station the subject submitted to and completed a chemical test of his breath with the results of .15% B.A.C. However, Matthew discovered an impropriety in the affidavit the arresting officer was supposed to sign and submit. The hearing officer agreed that the error was substantial and SET ASIDE the license suspension on October 21, 2013.

Mr. Ruff was retained by a young lady who was detained inside a retail store. She was accused of stealing several items and was held in a security room until the police arrived. She was then arrested and booked for petty theft and given a Court date in Torrance. She felt the incident was unjust and told Matthew that she would not be willing to plead guilty or "take a deal". Matthew respected that decision and pressed on with various legal motions in order to get all charges dropped.

Late last year Matthew was hired by a client's mother. The daughter was facing multiple counts of possession of drugs for sale in Manhattan Beach. The client was only 18 and a conviction for these charge would mean a certain lifelong stigma as a convicted felon. The client had been to the Public Defender who was unable to resolve the case. The mother began looking for a criminal attorney in Manhattan Beach CA and found Matt. The attorney met with the D.A.handling the case and negotiated a dismissal of all charges upon completion of a drug education class.

Matthew was hired by a student in Torrance regarding a felony arrest for possession of cocaine. The client was scared that the criminal case would ruin his dream to graduate and become a doctor. The attorney investigated the facts and determined that the young man's fourth amendment rights were violated by the Los Angeles Sheriff that arrested him and searched his car. Mr. Ruff filed a PC1538.5 motion alleging an illegal car stop and arrest which led to the discovery confiscation of the drugs, the Court agreed and the entire case was thrown out in Court. The client has moved on and achieved greatness in his life.

Recently, Matt was hired to defend a woman charged with DUI, she blew a .17% on the breath machine. Mr. Ruff found a deficiency in the evidence and obtained a dismissal of the license suspension at the DMV hearing in El Segundo California. This best result was obtained by collecting the maintenance records and calibration logs of the breath machine, something Matthew does in every driving while intoxicated case.

California Criminal Law Update! Recently, the state legislature passed laws that will allow a Judge to order an ignition interlock device be installed in any vehicle owned by persons convicted of driving under the influence, even first time offenders. Attorney Matthew Ruff has vowed to defend, with passion, any effort to impose this requirement for his alleged drunk driving clients. With this being said, the recent criminal law does allow for an early reinstatement of a person's drivers license in cases that previously did not allow. For example, the new IID statutes permit a driver to get their license back in as soon as 90 days if they were convicted of a DUI with priors.

Top 5 Ways To Get Your Criminal or DUI Charges Dismissed

1. You were stopped without probable cause. Matt has the highest success rate for getting charges dropped when the police violate your 4th Amendment Rights. If you were detained without cause Matt knows the right motions to file in order to get your case dismissed!

2. You are Innocent. The District Attorney has the burden of proof in your case and that is a mighty high burden-proof beyond a reasonable doubt. If you are innocent Matt will leave "no stone unturned" to get you acquitted. Unlike other lawyers, Matt actually takes cases to jury trial and has obtained countless NOT GUILTY verdicts in Court. A good example of this is when a client comes into our office after having been arrested for drunk driving and complains they didn't have that much to drink. The answer could be faulty tests that were used in your case. Some jurisdictions such as Long Beach use antiquated machines that are prone to false positives and inflated results. Matt knows the flaws and can expose the errors to get you acquitted.

3. You were a victim of racial profiling. Matt believes strongly that the police sometimes pursue individuals based on their race and when this occurs he aggressively fights the government to show the conduct of the police was unlawful. In one case, Matt listened to his client, who was black, and came to the conclusion police officers discriminated against her when they detained her and ultimately arrested her for drunk driving. Matt filed a motion challenging the detention and won, vindicating his belief the police were acting unlawfully.

4. Your Constitutional Rights Were Violated. All citizens in the State of California enjoy important rights such as the right to be free from unreasonable searches, the right to counsel, the right to remain silent, and many others. If you were arrested and charged with a crime, these rights can be your biggest friend. When the police violate these rights, Matt knows how to get justice in the Courts and the charges dropped.

5. Judicial Diversion, In California, it is now possible to get a case dismissed and removed from your record if the Court grants a particular type of relief called "Judicial Diversion". This method of dismissing a case involves filing a written motion setting forth particular facts and reasons why the person is worthy of this relief. Unfortunately, this type of dismissal is not available for DUI offenses and Domestic Violence.

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