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If you have been arrested in Redondo Beach and have a pending Court date you need a Top criminal defense attorney on your side. Matthew Ruff is a Top Tier lawyer with over 25 years experience focusing on criminal and DUI cases. You cannot risk your case with anyone but the best and Matt has the reputation and knowledge to get you the outcome you need. If you or a loved one has been arrested here is what you need to know: An arrest is simply an allegation, under our system of justice a person is not considered guilty unless the government proves that guilt in a Court of law beyond a reasonable doubt. Just because a police officer believes you committed a crime doesn't mean it is true. The legal standard required to arrest an individual is very low and many arrests never result in a conviction. In many cases the police will violate a citizen's rights which could mean the case can be thrown out in Court. Criminal law is very complex which is why you owe it to yourself to speak with a local Redondo Beach lawyer for specific advice. Over 90 percent of the cases Matthew has handled have resulted in the original charges being dismissed, reduced or dropped completely.

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DOMESTIC VIOLENCE CHARGES DROPPED! Matt was retained by a young woman arrested after an altercation with her boyfriend in Los Angeles County. The incident culminated into a physical fight after the boyfriend threatened to take the client's child. The client was clearly acting in self defense and we could prove it. Police arrived and observed a scratch on the arm which resulted in an arrest for Penal Code 273.5, a Felony. The client was forced to bail out on $50,000.00 bail. Matt immediately got involved and was able to put together a strong defense case, including strategies to deal with detectives and CPS investigators wanting follow up interviews of the accused. Matt knew he had to get the charges dropped because the client was a caregiver for a special needs child and a conviction would likely be devastating. After 3 weeks of involvement Matt was able to confirm the case would not be filed and that no criminal charges would proceed. The client never had to appear in Court!

Matthew was called upon to defend a local resident on Domestic Violence Charges in Redondo Beach California after an altercation inside the home. The client was here on an H-1B Visa, employed as an engineer at a local Aerospace Company. His wife alleged he struck her during a fight in their kitchen. She left the residence and drive to the police department to report the attack. The Police went out to speak to the client and arrested him for Penal Code 243e1, domestic battery. The client was facing jail time and possible deportation, if convicted. He searched for "The Best Criminal Defense Attorneys in Redondo Beach" and was referred to Matthew. Matt put together a defense which centered around the credibility of the alleged victim and the fact their was insufficient physical evidence to corroborate her story. The case went to trial and Matthew got ALL CHARGES DISMISSED!

In one recent case, Matt took the case all the way to the Appeals Court of los Angeles to vindicate his client. The client was pulled over in her red honda accord by RBPD after she left the Port Royal Marina. She was driving home after a social function at the marina when she was stopped. The officer got a 911 call that she had an open container inside her vehicle. The police found her Red Honda stopped at Beryl and Diamond Street. During the stop the officer smelled alcohol and detected slurred speech. Inside the car was an empty glass of wine. The client failed Field Sobriety Tests and took a breath test that displayed a result nearly twice the legal limit. She called Redondo Beach DUI Attorney Matthew Ruff who filed a motion to challenge the stop in Torrance Courthouse (PC 1538.5). The motion was denied so Matt appealed the case and the Appellate Court agreed with Matt and found that his client's rights were violated, ALL CHARGES WERE DISMISSED!

Matt was in Court last week defending a client arrested after an altercation with his roommate. As a Top Tier Redondo Beach Criminal Defense Attorney for over 25 years, Matt knows a thing or two about fighting baseless charges. In this case the client was wrongfully arrested for assault and taken to the station where cocaine was found in his pockets during the booking process. Officers responded to a home in South Redondo after a 911 call in which the caller reported a "family fight" at the location. Matt aggressively fought the case and last week a Judge agreed to DISMISS ALL CHARGES!

In May of 2021 Matt delivered the good news to his client that the entire case (Diving under the influence, Driving above .08 and Driving without a license) was dismissed. The details of the case are as follows: A Sergeant of the RBPD was stopped at a light on Prospect and Emerald when he observed a vehicle being driven by the client. The vehicle accelerated rapidly and was weaving, at one time nearly colliding into the officer's patrol vehicle. The client was stopped and symptoms of intoxication were detected. The client was asked to exit the car and perform Field Sobriety tests which were not performed as demonstrated. A breath test was given in the field which displayed a .27 and .28 respectively. The client was arrested and submitted to a blood draw which later came back at .28 BAC. Matt knew he had a hill to climb in fighting the case but saw problems with the circumstances surrounding the stop and arrest. Matt filed a PC1538.5 motion to suppress and a hearing was set. On the date set for the motion the Prosecutor offered a reduced charge but Matt declined and insisted on litigating the case. The strategy paid off and the City Attorney announced "unable to proceed" and the case was dismissed.

On September 18, 2020 Matt got ALL CHARGES DISMISSED in Div 2 of the South Bay Court on a case where the City Attorney charged the client with 3 counts Penal Code 273.6(a) otherwise known as violation of a Court Order, also a charge of PC 242 Battery. The case stemmed from a divorce and the ex husband was making false allegations in order to harass the client. Matthew fought the case hard by obtained exculpatory evidence from witnesses. In the end the accused was able to move on with her life without the blemish of a criminal conviction.

Early this year Matthew was retained by a former client after he was arrested for felony reckless driving in Redondo Beach California. The Los Angeles District Attorney filed the charges following a serious car accident on PCH where the client allegedly ran a red light and struck a motorcyclist causing him to become ejected. The motorcycle rider sustained multiple broken bones and the loss of several toes. Matt immediately assembled a team of experts and was able to establish the accident was caused by simple negligence and not reckless driving. In the spring of 2021 ALL CHARGES WERE DROPPED.

Matthew was retained by a client who lived out of state and was here on vacation when she was arrested for domestic violence after her boyfriend provoked a fight following a night of heavy drinking. The client was not the aggressor yet the police jumped to conclusions and she was taken to jail and released after posting bail. She called Matt and he took over. ALL CHARGES WERE DROPPED and the client never had to return to California.

This case is a great example of why EARLY INTERVENTION is crucial in a criminal case. Matt was hired by a client arrested after a News Years Eve party where he got into a fight with his wife. She called the police and he was arrested by Redondo Beach Police for domestic violence. Matthew assembled evidence and presented it to the City Prosecutor who agreed to divert the case to mediation rather than formal criminal charges. The case was dropped and no charges were filed.

Matt was hired by a client arrested for DUI after hitting a parked car near the Pier in Redondo Beach . The client had 2 previous arrests for driving under the influence and was currently on probation for drunk driving in the Torrance Court. The client, a registered nurse, was terrified about going to jail and Matthew helped her get into rehab. She blew a blood alcohol level nearly twice the legal limit. Matthew was able to negotiate a deal for NO JAIL TIME on both the new case and the probation matter with the District Attorney.

Also, Matthew was retained by a client arrested after leaving the Marina in Redondo Beach. The police had received a call that a woman was seen getting into her car carrying a glass of wine, and described the client's car and the direction she was heading. Acting on this tip, RBPD stopped her vehicle and determined she was driving under the influence and arrested her for DUI and open container. Her license was confiscated and she was given a Court date. A blood test later revealed a BAC of .14. Matthew demanded a hearing at the DMV because he was troubled by the scant nature of the information provided and argued the stop was unlawful. He presented relevant case law showing that Courts require more information before a person can be stopped and detained. The DMV agreed with Matt and returned her license.

Matt was hired by a client who had a bench warrant for a 15 year old case for petty theft in Redondo Beach when he was visiting from out of the country. He was later denied a visa due to the outstanding case. Matthew got involved and immediately recalled the warrant in Torrance Court. He met with the prosecutors and the agreed to DISMISS ALL CHARGES.

Here are the Top 3 reasons to call an attorney right now if you were stopped and charged with driving under the influence: 1. The DMV will immediately suspend your license for up to 3 years unless a formal demand for a hearing is made in a timely matter. 2. Important rights can be lost unless evidence is properly collected and preserved prior to your Court appearance. 3. Incriminating statements could be used against you in Court and a lawyer can properly advise you on how to proceed.

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With its beautiful beaches and great year round weather, Redondo Beach attracts millions of visitors every year. Along with the tourists comes increased enforcement of DUI laws and criminal statutes. With over 25 years experience, Redondo Beach Criminal Defense Attorney Matthew Ruff has defended thousands of charges coming from the city of Redondo Beach. What is unique about the city is that all drunk driving and DUI arrests are prosecuted by the local city attorneys office, not the Los Angeles County District Attorney. Our Redondo Beach Law office has a long standing relationship with the local prosecutors and Judges which translates into a better outcome for our clients.

All misdemeanor criminal charges in Redondo Beach are heard in the Torrance Court. The Judge hearing all matters there is the Honorable Judge Rene Gilbertson, a respected and experienced jurist who has served the community for many decades. All felony cases are heard in Division 4, Judge Thomas Sokolov. Among the criminal charges seen in the Redondo Beach area are: DUI, petty theft, shoplifting, assault, public intoxication, domestic violence, driving on a suspended license, marijuana and drug possession, robbery, prostitution, bar fights, battery, criminal threats, and the list goes on and on. In fact with years of experience in the Redondo Beach Court, there is likely not any type of case Mr. Ruff has not seen before and defended vigorously for his clients. 

With an office in the South Bay, Mr. Ruff has hundreds of excellent results for his clients in criminal and DUI cases. For example, Matthew got all DUI charges dropped in the Torrance Superior Court for a client that had a .18% blood alcohol level. The lawyer investigated the facts of the case thoroughly and found a significant constitutional rights issue that persuaded the RB city prosecutor to dismiss all original charges prior to trial. In another Redondo Beach DUI case Matthew represented a client for drunk driving who had a prior DUI. The prosecutor wanted jail time, a 2 year license suspension and completion of an 18 month program. Matthew fought the case and persuaded the city to drop the DUI prior for simple probation. It is important to understand that just because a particular case is dismissed for lack of evidence or a violation of a client's rights that does not mean your case will have a similar result. Criminal cases all all factually different even when a blood alcohol level is similar or the reason for being pulled over is exactly the same. There is indeed no substitute for specific advice by a lawyer who can listen to the circumstances of your case and offer guidance and advice on how to proceed.

With regard to DUI cases, many people are unaware that there is a ten day deadline to challenge the automatic suspension of their drivers license. In other words, if you do nothing you will lose your license period. However, if you exercise good sense and retain the services of a Redondo Beach DUI Lawyer, the action can be fought, in many cases favorably, saving the individual from a long dreadful period of time without a license to drive- even for work, school, etc. It is important to know that when requesting a DMV hearing for any Redondo Beach arrest you cannot simply go to the regular field office. Rather, all DUI DWI APS hearings originating in the South Bay are heard in the El Segundo Driver Safety office, the telephone number is 310-615-3500, but it is always best to allow the lawyer to make the request. The bottom line is that you cannot wait and see what happens when you go to Court, if you want to keep your privilege to drive you must adhere to the 10 day rule.

Matthew Ruff can devise an innovative strategy to get the best result in your Redondo Beach DUI or criminal case.

Top 4 Ways To Beat a Redondo Beach Criminal Charge

1. Bad stop or detention. The Constitution dictates that any police officer who restrains the freedom of a citizen have a "reasonable suspicion" of criminal activity. This basic tenant of the law is used to get charges dropped when the cop lacks the requisite level of proof or fails to articulate sufficient facts to justify the initial contact.

2. Insufficient Evidence. The City or DA has the "Burden of Proof", meaning they must have enough evidence to prove you are guilty of a crime beyond a reasonable doubt. Matt is an experienced criminal defense attorney who knows how to poke holes in the state's case.

3.File a Motion. There are many legal motions that a lawyer can file to get charges dismissed. Recently Matt got charges dismissed at arraignment by filing a motion for judicial diversion (PC 1001.95) which was granted.

4. You are Not Guilty. The law in California requires the Prosecution to prove you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. If there is any reasonable doubt about your guilt then the appropriate verdict is not guilty. Many defenses exist in criminal cases that could be the foundation for an acquittal. For example, self defense in domestic violence cases, rising BAC in DWI cases, lack of intent in theft cases, the list goes on and on. Matt is skilled in finding the necessary evidence to cast doubt on your guilt in order for you to be acquitted.

Another option available to get criminal charges dismissed is by seeking relief under the military or veterans diversion statutes. These laws allow active duty serviceman and women and veterans to get their case dismissed if they agree to certain conditions. Surprisingly, this is the only diversion statute that allows DUI charges to get dismissed. In a recent case, Matthew represented a client arrested near Pier Avenue in Redondo Beach CA. Her blood alcohol level was .20 on a breath test given at the station. The client was active duty Air Force. Matthew filed a motion seeking dismissal based on her status in the armed forces. The Judge in Torrance granted the motion and as long as she follows the Court orders of classes and stays out of trouble for a year THE CASE WILL BE DISMISSED.

When someone you know has been arrested in Redondo Beach California, whether while visiting the area or if they are a resident, call an experienced Redondo Beach Criminal Defense Attorney familiar with the ins and outs of the Torrance South Bay Court. Attorney Matthew Ruff has the experience and track record that can make the difference between jail and freedom and can help save your license following a drunk driving arrest.

For example, in a recent case, Matthew was retained by a local resident who was facing multiple counts of domestic violence. The biggest fear the client had was deportation because he was living in the United States on a work visa, a conviction for any DV charge, even a misdemeanor, would result in his deportation and exclusion from the U.S. The allegations were made by his wife who he contended was seeking favorable terms in a pending divorce and privileges that would be extended to her, who herself was here on an H1b visa. The police had a 911 tape and photographs depicting supposed injuries. The Redondo Beach City Prosecutor would not back down on the case and a jury trial date was set. At trial, Matthew impeached the alleged victim on a variety of subjects and ultimately the jury came back with a near unanimous verdict for not guilty and the Judge dismissed all charges. In this case, Redondo Beach Criminal Defense Lawyer Matthew Ruff not only saved the client from jail, he saved his 6 figure job in the tech industry and he saved him from being deported back to Asia.

Yet another example of a case that the attorney has handled is the one where a client discovered that he had an outstanding felony bench warrant from over 10 years back. The warrant was for a felony DUI where the accused was released after he spent the night in the hospital after the car accident, his blood was taken and the D.A. filed a felony charge stemming from the Redondo Beach incident. Upon learning of the case, the client hired Matt and he immediately filed a motion to get all criminal charges dropped and the warrant quashed. He did just that and the client was able to move on with his life soon after.

When you hire Mr. Ruff, he can often appear for you in Court and favorably resolve any Redondo Beach criminal charge a person is facing. Call today for a one on one consultation directly with Matthew Ruff at 310-527-4100. Examples of cases we handle on a regular basis are domestic violence, petty theft, shoplifting, DUI, drug possession, public intoxication, hit and run, resisting arrest, just to name a few.

Remember, a local Redondo Beach Criminal Attorney can give you the edge you need and be your secret weapon in Court.

Recently, the laws in California changed to allow for diversion of specific criminal charges. The statute applies to most "quality of life" crimes such as public intoxication and urinating in public, petty theft and other crimes. Matt can file the appropriate motion in Court to get charges dismissed if you were arrested and want to keep a clean record. Unfortunately, the law does not apply to DUI and Domestic Violence offenses, however, there are ways to fight these cases as well.

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