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Theft Crimes

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If you have been arrested for theft, its not the end of the world! Matthew has been helping people put their life back together by getting charges dropped, reduced or dismissed for over two decades. Attorney Matthew J. Ruff has handled well over one thousand theft related cases over the course of his 25 year career in criminal defense. He knows that people arrested for theft crimes are left feeling scared, embarrassed, humiliated and oftentimes helpless in need of a strong advocate that can be in their corner and fight for their case. Mr. Ruff knows that his client's future is at stake and takes each case seriously, as though he were defending a member of his own family. Matthew has the skills to help his clients AVOID JAIL and keep their record clean.

Case of the Month: Matthew was retained to defend a young woman arrested for Felony embezzlement at the Sam's Club in Gardena. The client was accused of stealing money over the course of two years as an employee of the company. Matt knew he had a tough case but he used his extensive experience to negotiate a DISMISSAL of the felony charges and resolved the case in such a way that will allow the client to expunge her record after a period of staying out of further trouble.

In another recent case, Matthew was hired to represent a cashier at a top auto parts retailer after she was accused of stealing over a thousand dollars over the course of a year. The client was scared because she had kids and was afraid of going to jail. Matthew took the case and met with the District Attorney. He negotiated a disposition that would keep the offense of her permanent record, and of course, no jail whatsoever.

Theft or property crimes are all serious, depending upon the value of the property stolen and/or the criminal record of the defendant, they could be a felony. Theft offenses are prosecuted vigorously. Therefore a Lawyer is essential. Even the most minor offenses such as shoplifting should be taken seriously as they could result in inability to obtain citizenship, deportation, loss of or inability to obtain professional licenses, termination from your job, immigration consequences, jail, prison, etc.

Those who have Strikes, extensive criminal records or who commit White Collar crimes involving large sums of money may be looking at a state prison sentence, unless they find the right defense lawyer who knows the system, the prosecutors and the judges. In these kinds of cases, even a repeat offender can get probation if his or her case is handled properly. In recent years there has been an up tick of arrests for return fraud, where a person returns a counterfeit item or property that was altered in some way. This charge can be a felony and Matthew has defended many of these offenses.

· If you are charged with a shoplifting, petty theft, burglary, or robbery crime, your lawyer must immediately evaluate your case to determine what kind of defense to prepare in your behalf.

· When the prosecution's case is weak, your lawyer may need to hire a private investigator to interview witnesses who could be helpful to a successful defense to the theft related charges at trial.

· If your lawyer determines that your case cannot be won at trial, he may advise you to undergo a psychological evaluation, because a favorable evaluation will often enable your attorney to persuade a judge to grant you probation on any theft related offense. Attorney Ruff uses local professionals who discreetly assist him in preparing a case which will be viewed favorably by the Judge and District Attorney.

· If you are a professional, executive or an administrative employee with access to the company funds, the charges in a White Collar crime such as embezzlement or fraud could be serious because most White Collar crimes involve thousands of dollars and involve allegations of violation of trust.

· In cases of white collar theft such as embezzlement, the greater the amount of loss, the greater the potential punishment. Your lawyer may need to bring in a forensic economist or other financial expert to evaluate the strength of the district attorneys documentary evidence of corporate theft.

· A strong defense must be mounted at an early stage (before the case gets to Court) and a professional investigator may need to be employed to find other equally likely suspects for the corporate theft.

· If the evidence of guilt is overwhelming, for example, if you have made a confession, or clear evidence of the offense was caught on videotape, your lawyer must be prepared to explore a psychological defense and have you evaluated by an experienced, licensed professional psychologist to determine whether addiction, family problems, and other mental health issues were predominantly responsible for your uncharacteristic behavior.

· The proper evaluation or in some cases behavioral management classes or counseling may very often makes the difference between probation and a prison sentence, even with repeat offenders.

If you have been on probation before, but you were never given a comprehensive psychological evaluation, your lawyer will be able to argue successfully that your problems were never thoughtfully diagnosed before and you therefore were never given proper guidance and supervision while you were on probation or parole.

· Attorney Matthew J. Ruff has been able to get cases dismissed completely, avoid jail and probation for people who have done prison in the past, have been granted probation in the past, and are repeat offenders.

Your freedom and record are too important to entrust to an inexperienced attorney. Call the experienced theft attorney Matthew J. Ruff and ask to speak directly with him, toll free at 1-877-213-4453. We defend all theft related charges including:

  • Shoplifting
  • Petty Theft
  • Grand Theft
  • Internet Theft
  • Embezzlement
  • Larceny
  • Forgery
  • Credit Card Fraud
  • Check Fraud
  • Petty Theft with Priors
  • Identity theft
  • Robbery
  • Burglary (both first degree and second degree)
  • Receiving Stolen Property
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Medical Fraud
  • Perjury
  • Counterfeit Crimes
  • First Time Offenders

Some Recent Actual Case Results

Matthew recently defended a client in Torrance Court charged with credit card theft while she worked at a gas station in Rancho Palos Verdes. The client was on probation for two prior theft cases and she was facing years in jail. Matthew fought the case and negotiated a resolution for NO JAIL.

Mr. Ruff's client, a 25 year old student, was arrested by the Torrance Police for shoplifting over one hundred dollars in merchandise from a local national chain store. She was booked and given a Court date. In the interim she hired Matthew Ruff who immediately met with the City Prosecutor and negotiated a dismissal of the charges as part of a diversionary disposition in August of 2008. The client will have the benefit of no criminal record.

The client, a housewife, was arrested in the South Bay for petty theft. She retained Mr. Ruff because she was scared and did not want her family to find out about her trouble. Mr. Ruff went to Court for the client, he obtained a resolution to her case which keeps the theft offense off her record which also allows her to obtain employment without the stigma of a criminal conviction.

Matthew Ruff was hired by the client's husband for petty theft. She had a prior record for theft and was facing a violation of her previous probation and a new conviction. The client was also an immigrant and was facing deportation if the charges resulted in a conviction. Mr. Ruff went to LAX Court for her and met with the D.A. The case was never filed and no probation violation ever occurred. She remains in the United States legally.

In another case, the attorney was retained by a nanny in Hermosa Beach CA who was accused of taking property (PC 484) from her employer prior to her departure to a new job. Obviously, the client was concerned about the consequences a conviction for this type of crime would have on her employment. Understanding the gravity of the situation, Mr. Ruff sat down with the local city prosecutor in Torrance Court and negotiated a diversion that resulted in a complete dismissal of all charges in 2009.

In two other recent 2009 cases the lawyer was able to have theft charges reduced from a grand theft (PC487) to a simple trespassing. These cases were in Burbank and Glendale, respectively.

Attorney Ruff was contacted by a person arrested for shoplifting also known as petty theft. The prospective client had been detained by security after exiting from a mall department store changing room. The store accused her of stealing several items of clothing and escorted her to the office and held her until LAPD arrived. The client was scared because she was not a citizen and had been arrested in the past and convicted of petty theft. She was facing deportation due to potential multiple theft/moral turpitude offenses. Matthew Ruff assure her he would do everything possible to prevent her removal from this country. He embarked on a mission that involved aggressive defense of the case and innovative negotiations with the Los Angeles City Prosecutor. Ultimately, he was successful in getting the theft charges dropped thereby removing the threat of dreadful immigration consequences.

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