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Looking for a hit and run attorney in Los Angeles? Matthew Ruff is a Top Tier Criminal Defense Attorney with nearly 25 years experience defending good people charged with doing terrible things. He knows you shouldn't be judged by one event in your life and works to rectify the situation in order to keep your record and good name clean. Were you or someone you love involved in a hit and run accident? What are my options? Should I return that call to the police or respond to that letter from the CHP? Should I listen to friends and others telling me to report the car stolen? Attorney Matthew Ruff can help individuals accused of leaving the scene of an accident. He can provide answers to your questions and act as your advocate to resolve the situation favorably. Not many people know it but there are ways to extricate yourself from turning a bad situation into something much worse. A Hit and Run Attorney can help. Why is it advisable to "Lawyer Up" quickly when you've been involved in these types of criminal cases? Fleeing the scene of an accident implicates very unique evidentiary issues and the police know this. As such getting a hit and run lawyer involved as soon as possible protects you from common mistakes that unrepresented people often make. In fact Matthew has seen many instances where the client delays hiring counsel and it always prejudices the case from a defense standpoint. If you are looking for the best hit and run attorney in Los Angeles, call Matthew!

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Hiring a lawyer early is key to a successful resolution of any hit and run case. For over 25 years Matt has been defending clients involved in accidents where they fled the scene and failed to stop and exchange information or immediately report the incident to the police. It is important to understand, the crime is the fleeing of the scene of the accident. Once the person drives away the crime is complete and if the police later contact you they are only there to get evidence to convict you. Therefore, if you have fled the scene of an accident it is best to hire an attorney immediately before walking into the police station and before returning a call from a police officer or detective. Here are some examples of cases Matt was able to resolve without any charges ever being filed, because the client hired him early:

HIT AND RUN RESULTING IN DEATH, CHARGES DISMISSED! Matthew was instrumental in successfully resolving a very serious felony Vehicle Code § 20001(b)(2). The facts are as follows: Officers from the Torrance Police Department were dispatched to Hawthorne and Sepulveda for a bicyclist down in the roadway with lots of debris. When officer arrived on scene they observed a bicyclist and subiect down in the number four northbound lane of 22700 blk of Hawthorne blvd. Officers attempted life saving measures on the subject, however he was pronounced dead on scene by the Torrance Fire Department. Officers observed vehicle debris in the roadway and determined a vehicle had possibly struck the victim on his bicycle. Based on this, the roadway was closed and the scene was locked down for further investigation. It was determined that the involved vehicle had struck the victim and fled the scene of the location. The driver was later found and confessed to the crime. The client was a local resident with a great paying job at SpaceX. Matthew fought the case for over two years and finally was able to get the charges DISMISSED by way of motion. The client never had to plead guilty to anything and 


A client hired Matthew after he was involved in a car crash in Huntington Beach California. The crash nearly destroyed his car but he was able to drive away and returned to his home. He panicked and didn't know what to do. Fortunately he had the presence of mind to look for a local hit and run defense attorney and he found Matthew on Google because of his great reviews. Matthew reached out to the local police agency and was able to resolve the property damage directly with the owner of the car that was struck. The police agency treated the case by "way of civil" meaning the injured party was made whole and did not desire prosecution. NO CRIMINAL CHARGES WERE FILED.

A client retained Matt after he wasinvolved in a hit and run collision in San Pedro California. The client struck a parked car while on his way home from a bar. The client was scared and worried and did not know how to proceed. Matt took over and was able to advise him of the right moves and avoid making the situation worse. With the correct legal advice the client was able to relax and sleep at night. Eventually the case was resolved with NO CRIMINAL CHARGES FILED.

In early 2024 Matthew got a call from a resident of Palos Verdes Estates who was in crisis after he struck a parked car in the city of Hermosa Beach. He was suffering from anxiety because he recieved a letter from an insurance ccompany representing the owner of the parked car. Evidently the parked car was a Tesla that was equipped with perimeter cameras that record from the rear, fenders and on the sides. The cameras recorded the other driver's license plate and an investigation ensued. Matthew was hired and immediately took steps to mitigate and resolve the situation. Matthew contacted the other party's insurance company and negotiated a settlement of the claim and reached a "civil compromise" to avoid the filing of potential criminal charges.

Matt was hired after a client struck a parked car in Santa Monica California. The client was driving home after a night of drinks and partying with his friends in Venice. The Los Angeles Police Department later came to his home looking to speak with him about the incident, he was scared he would be arrested. He retained Matthew who took over and spoke to the police on the client's behalf. Matthew was able to offer correct legal advice and information that eventually led to NO CHARGES BEING FILED and the client was never arrested.

Matthew was retained by a client in Rolling Hills after a crash in Los Angeles. The client was distraught and panicking about leaving the scene and wasn't able to sleep. Matt immediately took over and began his work to resolve the case without criminal charges. The client followed Matt's instructions on how to deal with the damage to the vehicle and insurance issues. With the help of our staff investigator Matt got all the facts together and was eventually able to close out the case with NO CRIMINAL CHARGES FILED.

Matthew was retained by a client whose car was impounded after a collision in Santa Monica. Witnesses reported seeing the driver jump out of the car after the accident and run from the scene. The vehicle was registered to him so officers knocked on his door seeking to interview him. Fortunately the client followed Matt`s advice by saying nothing and immediately hiring Matthew as his counsel. His office jumped right on the case and took over, fielding questions by the police investigators and working with the insurance company to resolve the damage to all parties involved. At the end of the day NO CRIMINAL CHARGES WERE FILED and the client was able to keep his record clean.

Attorney Ruff was retained by a client involved in a hit and run accident in Los Angeles. The client woke up the next day and realized his car had been involved in a collision the night before. He was worried he would get a knock on the door and be arrested at any time. Matt immediately took over and assured him he would be OK because the correct decisions would be made moving forward. The insurance company got involved and took care of all damages caused by the accident and made the other party whole again. The client was NEVER ARRESTED and NO CRIMINAL CHARGES WERE EVER FILED.

Is the crime of hit and run the hitting or the running? This is a key question because it makes a big difference in the amount of restitution the accused is responsible for in the event of a conviction in Court. The answer is, the running. What this means is the crime occurs when the person leaves the scene, flees or “runs” after the collision takes place. Surprisingly, it can be true that a person may not be responsible for the damages resulting from a crash if the cause of the collision was not the fault of the accused. Put another way, if a car crash takes place but the person responsible for the accident was the other driver, then the damages such as vehicle repairs and/or medical bills if injury was involved, would not be the responsibility of the hit and run driver. The only restitution would be for damages flowing from the act of running. In this situation the person that fled the scene would be criminally responsible for the offense of hit and run, but not necessarily on the hook for the monetary damage caused (civil damages).

Is It Worth Hiring A Lawyer For My Hit and Run? It depends on how important it is for you to be able to sleep at night. To be blunt, if you were involved in a collision and fled the scene it is very likely that an eyewitness, a Ring Camera or some other evidence exists to lead the police to your doorstep. If the police knock on your door what will you do? Having a lawyer to get involved and take steps to resolve the case and advise you on what to do and what not to do in priceless.

If you are looking at this website it is probably because you have been involved in an accident and fled the scene without exchanging information with the other party, you have to decide if you want to continue making bad decisions about the incident or start making sound decisions to straighten things out. Matthew can help you to rectify the situation and avoid possible criminal charges, but only if you call him so he can help.

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Is leaving a note on a vehicle sufficient to avoid being charged with the crime of hit and run? No. In California, the law requires the driver to also without unnecessary delay notify the police department of the city wherein the collision occurred or, if the collision occurred in unincorporated territory, the local headquarters of the Department of the California Highway Patrol. If a person simply leaves a note on or near the car involved without the additional step of contacting law enforcement they are subject to prosecution for a misdemeanor in the state.

There are many reasons why a driver may have fled the scene of an accident. The driver may have been unaware of a collision, they may have been in fear of physical attack by onlookers or the occupants of the other vehicle, or numerous other reasons which can be explained. Given that, it is important to take immediate action to help to mitigate the offense. A lawyer is the right person to help do that. Matthew Ruff has over 25 years assisting drivers following allegations of hit and run. Matthew is respected by authorities and can present the client's case in such a way to oftentimes avoid criminal repercussions but only if the suspected person calls and gets him on their side right away. 

The crime of Hit and Run is committed when a person is involved in a collision and fails to stop and provide information to the other party. A conviction for this offense could result in the loss of the person's drivers license, jail and a fine. A Criminal Defense Lawyer can help to mitigate the damage and work to resolve the situation, sometimes without any criminal prosecution. It is best to retain the services of a lawyer early in the case. When a person buries their head in the sand and hopes that the whole thing will go away but does not hire an attorney, vital opportunities could be lost to work out alternative dispositions such as a civil compromise or other diversionary programs.

3 things not to do if you or someone you know was involved in a hit and run:

1.) DO NOT make a false police report by reporting your car stolen. This is perhaps the worse thing you could do. If you do you will easily transform what is ordinarily a simple misdemeanor to an aggravated felony.

2.). DO NOT call your insurance company and make a false claim by saying your car was stolen or that it was hit while parked. This again compounds a simple crime to a potential felony of insurance fraud. Insurance companies will invariably ask for a recorded statement from you and you can only make matters far worse by lying to your insurer. Do not call them at all, let an attorney help by acting as an intermediary.

3.). DO NOT respond to any call, letter or request to speak with the police about the incident. The law gives you the right to remain silent and the RIGHT to counsel, use these rights, keep your mouth shut and get a lawyer involved ASAP.

Here are some examples of hit and run cases Matthew has defended:

Matt was hired by a local resident after he was involved in a hit and run accident on Palos Verdes Drive in PVE. The client was also charged with DUI and it was his third offense in the last 10 years. The client was a resident of Palos Verdes Estates and was coming home from his place of business in Redondo Beach. What made the case even more difficult was the other driver was claiming injury and had retained a lawyer, this made the situation transform from a misdemeanor to a potential felony. Matthew put together a defense and mitigation factors and was eventually able to get the HIT AND RUN CHARGES DISMISSED in Torrance Court.

Matthew got hit and run charges dismissed for a client out of the Long Beach Court. The client was accused of fleeing the scene of an accident in Signal Hill months earlier. The accused was afraid of having the conviction on his record and the points that would appear on his DMV file. The attorney fought the charges aggressively, turning down the DA offer of probation and a fine.

Matthew worked out a dismissal of hit and run charges in downtown Metropolitan Court in Los Angeles. The client struck a taxi on his way home after a night of partying. He stopped, discussed the accident, then he panicked and left the scene. The other driver reported the incident to LAPD and stated the accused appeared intoxicated. He received a letter from the L.A. City Attorney that VC20002 charges had been filed against him and a Court date was set. Matt went to Court for his client and negotiated a dismissal of the criminal charges in Div. 60.

Matt was hired to defend a client arrested for Hit and Run in Rancho Palos Verdes. The client struck and damaged a mailbox and another vehicle late at night and fled the scene. Matt immediately got involved and was able to properly advise the client on what steps to take to mitigate the situation and try and avoid the case going to criminal court. With Matt's help the client was able to make things right by paying for all damage and no criminal charges were ever filed.

Matt resolved a case in Santa Monica, LAX Court, Div. 147, involving multiple parked cars and one occupied vehicle that was rear ended and the driver was injured. The case originated by way of a letter from the City Attorney stating that criminal charges were filed and a Court date was set. The client hired Matthew to go to the arraignment where he entered a plea and proceeded to resolve the case. The difficulty was that the victim was not agreeable to a civil compromise, in fact she wanted the client to go to jail for what had happened. Notwithstanding this obstacle, Matt worked out a dismissal directly with the Prosecutor and all charges were dismissed.

In another recent case, Attorney Matthew Ruff was hired shortly after the client was involved in a hit and run collision in Los Angeles County. The client had been drinking and was admittedly DUI at the time of the accident. The client called the Lawyer asking for advice on whether he should report his car stolen the next day, fortunately for him the attorney got involved and was able to guide and direct the client and what to do, and more importantly, what not to do. Falsely reporting your vehicle stolen after a hit and run collision is never the smart or legal thing to do. The client was able to get his car out of impound, the attorney acted as an insulator between the client and the police. At the end of the day, no criminal charges were ever filed. 

In yet another recent case, the client retained our services after formal hit and run charges were filed. The Lawyer immediately developed a strategy to get his client's criminal charges dropped. He went to Court and met with the City Attorney prosecuting the case, a deal was struck to dismiss all criminal hit and run allegations in the complaint. In the end, the client never had to go to Court and now has a clean criminal record free from any conviction. Similarly, in early 2009 Matthew Ruff was able to resolve a hit and run case for a client arrested in his home in Long Beach. The police alleged he took off after hitting a parked car in a supermarket parking lot. The attorney took quick steps to arrange a civil compromise with the other party andnegotiated a dismissal of the Hit and Run charges in Los Angeles Court in spite of eyewitness testimony of the client's involvement in the collision. 

Very recently, Matthew was called by a young man who had struck a tree in Long Beach California the night before. He was distraught because he had fled the scene, leaving his car at the location due to the extent of damage. He explained that he was worried about his criminal record and how to deal with his insurance company about the incident. Matthew agreed to take his case and immediately contacted the detectives that handle these cases, he has dealt with them many times before. Matt also communicated with his client's insurance and opened a claim to get the car repaired. Ultimately, the attorney resolved the case by way of a "civil disposition" and no charges were ever filed.

Also in another case, the hit and run attorney defended a young lady in Torrance Court for a hit and run involving a DUI in Gardena CA. The client struck a car, drove away and was caught minutes later whereupon she was breathalyzed and blew a .17 BAC. Mr. Ruff took an aggressive approach with the D.A. and obtained a dismissal of all original charges due to extensive investigation and discovery of exculpatory evidence the police left out of the reports. In another recent case, Matthew was hired by a client in Long Beach after he struck two parked cars after a night out. The lawyer got involved early and was able to negotiate a civil resolution to the case, thereby avoiding any criminal prosecution in the matter. 

What most people do not understand is that the constitution of both California and the United States allow an individual to remain silent and allow an attorney to speak on their behalf when confronted with questioning from the police or governmental agents. This is important within the context of hit and run cases because what follows a collision where an individual has left the scene is a call from a detective asking probing and very difficult questions about the details of the accident. In addition, insurance company adjusters will want immediate answers as to why and how the car involved in the hit and run caused physical damage and injury. A seasoned attorney with experience in hit and run cases can provide vital legal counsel and be your advocate against the insurance company. 

Another type of hit and run charge is when the circumstances involve injury. This offense can be charged as a felony. The injury need not be severe or even require hospitalization. Notwithstanding the seriousness of this class of crime, an experienced criminal attorney can negotiate with the prosecution to reduce the charges or in some cases dismiss it completely. Such was the situation in a recent case handled by Matthew in Torrance Court in September of 2009. The client was accused of DUI with injury (including a high BAC enhancement) and hit and run involving a roll over motor vehicle accident in Manhattan Beach. Despite the egregious nature along with the fact that the client had a prior conviction for DUI, Matthew was able to resolve the allegations by way of a dismissal of the hit and run and a no contest plea to the drunk driving that required no jail time.

More recently, Matthew was hired by a client who received a letter from the LAPD regarding an incident at LAX. The client struck another vehicle in a parking garage at the airport, didn't think there was any damage and took off without leaving a note or making any effort to contact the owner and exchange information. Weeks later the accused got correspondence stating that unless he contacted the police immediately he would be arrested. Matthew took the case, contacted law enforcement and arranged for all charges to be dropped. 

A Los Angeles Hit and Run Lawyer can be the most valuable resource you can have after being involved in a hit and run crash. The attorney understands the system, dealing with insurance company representatives, tow companies, police impound yards and detectives from the police agency investigating the accident. The volume of it all can be overwhelming for most people, having a lawyer on your side, acting as your advocate, speaking on your behalf, can make the difference between a good result and a bad one. Our Law Firm is available to meet and confer with you in a discreet consultation. 

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What is apparent is that the key to a favorable outcome in any hit and run criminal investigation is early intervention by an experienced attorney. What we hear from our clients is that they are unsure of the proper steps to take when accused of this type of offense, they have questions about how to deal with insurance claims, what to say to the police officer that calls them and interrogates them about their whereabouts at the time of the collision, and so on. When looking for a hit and run attorney in Los Angeles or Kern County you can turn to the Law Office of Matthew Ruff for the answers you need to make intelligent and informed decisions about your case and future. Do not hesitate when you or someone you love has been accused of hit and run. 

The legal information contained in this page is not intended to be specific legal advice on any particular matter. A local experienced criminal defense lawyer should be contacted and consulted if an individual is facing arrest or prosecution in Los Angeles, Santa Clarita Kern County and Bakersfield Ca.

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