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Top Malibu DUI and Criminal Attorney, Matthew Ruff

Call Matthew on His Cell 310-686-1533

Getting arrested can be scary enough, however if you do not understand your rights and responsibilities regarding your upcoming Court case and license issues it can get even scarier. With 25 years experience, few other attorneys have the skills and know how to fight and win your drunk driving case. For example did you know that there are over 50 ways to challenge a breath or blood test, and many of them have little to do with whether you were actually intoxicated at the time of your arrest. With two decades of experience Matthew knows the system inside and out and can even go to Court for you if you are scared or embarrassed.

Matt Has The Highest Success Rate!

Matthew was hired by a woman stopped by a sheriff for weaving and speeding. She was asked to step out of the car and the officer administered several field sobriety tests. She blew into a breath machine which reported a .10 and again a .10 BAC. She was astonished because she stated she consumed only two glasses of wine with dinner. She was arrested taken to the station and a blood sample was taken, she was released a few hours later and given a Court date. Matthew came on board and immediately requested all records and reports and obtained a DMV hearing which stopped the suspension of her license. He consulted with his toxicologist and developed a defense strategy. Through his hard work he uncovered a number of violations of scientific protocol. He used this information to get the DUI and .08 charges dismissed in Van Nuys Court on April 20, 2016. He later obtained a full set aside of the DMV license suspension and avoided the necessity of a hearing to determine whether she would keep her license.

Matthew was hired by a young professional who struck another car in a parking lot near Malibu and fled the scene in panic. He went to Court and got the hit and run charges completely dismissed.

Highly regarded as one of the most affluent beach communities in the nation, with over 22 miles of coastline, the city of Malibu is known for some of the most famous beaches in the world. Incorporated in 1991 the city is home to multi million dollar homes that overlook the Pacific Ocean. The town is situated in northwestern Los Angeles County. Most of the residents live within a half mile of Pacific Coast Highway. Due to its beauty, the city attracts millions of visitors a year and with these visitors comes stepped up enforcement of DUI, alcohol and drug related offenses.

Because of the beautiful surroundings many visitors arrive in Malibu by car. Some visitors may not realize it but come to find out that their license is suspended. Matthew can fight charges of driving on a suspended license, particularly if the client was unaware of the suspension. In addition, we handle all types of DMV hearings from from negligent operators with too many points to medical and hit and run allegations.

Malibu contracts with the Los Angeles County Sheriff for police patrol. The LASD units are notorious for cruising Pacific Coast Highway and the adjoining roads looking for and stopping suspected drunk drivers and those engaged in other alleged criminal activity. Not surprisingly, many complain of illegal detentions by what some regard as overzealous cops. These situations typically involve a traffic stop for an innocuous vehicle code violation or "erratic driving" such as alleged weaving or lane straddling and end up with a full blown DUI investigation and likely arrest.

Malibu DUI Attorney Matthew Ruff has more than two decades of experience defending those accused of drunk driving, DUI, DWI, driving under the influence and all manner of criminal charges originating in the Malibu jurisdiction. This experience comes from being in Court almost every day fighting for the rights of his clients. He can go to Court for you and ensure that your good reputation and criminal record is not tarnished by a Malibu DUI or criminal arrest.

As of 2019 new laws were enacted that may allow a first time DUI offender to get their license back with no actual suspension. Call Matthew today to discuss your options and rights following a drunk driving arrest in Malibu.

Call the lawyer today at 310-527-4100

Interestingly, many people are unaware that when they are charged with driving under the influence the DMV is immediately notified and they commence an action against the individual's drivers license. This action is called an administrative per se or "APS" proceeding that is separate and apart from the concurrent criminal prosecution for DUI. The good news is that attorney Matthew Ruff can stop the suspension in its tracks by requesting a formal hearing with the driver safety division of the DMV. For all Malibu cases the appropriate locale for the DMV hearing will be the Van Nuys driver safety office. Mr. Ruff has participated in hundreds of DMV hearings at this location and is well respected and known by the staff and hearing officers. Over the last 25 years he has saved countless drivers licenses by utilizing innovative legal defenses and he is tireless in pursuing every available avenue to ensure that his clients keep their privilege to drive.

Upon being released from custody, a person is given only ten days to request a DMV hearing. This very often is a trap for those that wait until they go to Court for the criminal side of the DUI case. If a hearing is not requested, the right is lost and the person's license may be suspended regardless of what happens in Court.

How To Beat A Malibu DUI or other Criminal Charge

1. You were stopped illegally. The US Constitution gives us all freedom from being detained by police unless they have sufficient probable cause. Matt knows the rules better than any deputy and knows when his clients have been detained in violation of their rights.

2 Lack of Evidence. In every criminal case the DA has to prove you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. If the evidence falls short due to insufficient proof, a missing witness, or some other reason Matt can file a motion to dismiss.

3. The Regulations were not followed. California has some of the toughest rules and regulations concerning scientific testing and other criminal procedures. Matt knows the regs better than anyone and can use the law against the cops and prosecution in the appropriate case.

If you are an out of state resident it is important to understand that your home state may be given notice of the California DWI and any suspension could carry over to your state. Therefore, it is imperative to take action immediately. Matthew Ruff, as a local Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer serving the Malibu Court, can be your advocate by getting a license suspension hearing and also going to Court for you when that time comes. Indeed, Mr. Ruff has represented many folks charged with DUI in Malibu who were simply visiting and have no desire to travel back to Los Angeles County to appear in Court.

In one recent case, Mr. Ruff's client was pulled over in Malibu by the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department Lost Hills division for weaving and speeding. He was in a rental car because he was visiting from out of state and not familiar with the local roads. He was given multiple field sobriety tests on the roadside and subsequently arrested for DUI and driving with a 08% or higher (Vehicle Code sections 23152(a) and (b).) While at the station he was confused about his obligations to submit to further blood alcohol testing, and even though he was offered a blood or breath test he refused and was booked and held for over 14 hours then released. Upon his release from jail he was given a pink piece of paper which told him his license would be suspended for one year, and a Court date to appear back in the Malibu Criminal Superior Court in one month. He was scared and unsure of his next step. Fortunately, he found attorney Matthew Ruff and hired him to handle the case. Mr. Ruff got on the phone and stopped the suspension and got a hearing to challenge what the police had said in the report. At the hearing, he was able to convince the DMV to drop the refusal suspension and no sanctions were taken against his client's license. He then went to Court and filed legal motions which resulted in all DUI and blood alcohol charges being dropped. The client never had to come back for any of these proceedings.

When you or a loved one has been arrested for any criminal charge or DUI, drunk driving case in Malibu, call attorney Matthew Ruff, he can be your local legal counsel to help level the playing field and see to it that your right to drive is protected as well as keeping a bad mark off your record. Mr. Ruff can be reached locally at 310-527-4100 to discuss your particular criminal case in Malibu California. He can help with any criminal related misdemeanor, felony or infraction including: public intoxication, domestic violence, theft, driving on a suspended license, reckless driving, DUI with injury, Hit and Run, child endangerment, robbery, rape, gun and weapons violations, possession of drugs for sale, marijuana cases and all other serious offenses in the Malibu Court.

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