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Top Inglewood Criminal and DUI Attorney Matthew Ruff

Call Matthew Directly For A Consultation 310-527-4100

For anyone facing an upcoming Court date for a DUI or criminal charge this can be a scary time. Having an advocate there at your side along the way can make all the difference in the world. One of the first questions someone asks after they are arrested is what impact will the case have on their future. Matthew understands the seriousness of a case and case works hard to get the charges dismissed when possible. For example, recently he got the DUI charges dismissed for a young person but didn't stop there. He then worked out a unique deal to avoid the DMV suspension and clear it from her record. It is for this reason Matt is nationally recognized as a TOP TIER CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY with a 5 star rating by Yelp and AVVO.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Are breath machines accurate? Short answer is sometimes. When administered correctly most breath machines can be reliable, however the problem is most breath tests are prone with error. For example, the officer is required to continually observe a subject for 15 minutes in order to rule out and burping or belching. In reality cops don't comply with this regulation even though it is a law in California. In addition, people with chronic heartburn are not good candidates for breath testing due to contaminants from the stomach causing false positives during the testing process. Top Inglewood DUI Attorney Matthew Ruff can answer any questions you may have about drunk driving cases.

In recent years there has been an increase in arrests for DUID or driving under the influence of drugs. Top among the cases are those where marijuana is found in the person's system. Matthew is very experienced in fighting and winning cases where the officer says the accused is impaired due to cannabis. In one case Matt defended a client who was under 21 and crashed her car into two parked vehicles with a vape kit under her seat. A blood test said she was positive for cannabinoids. Matt filed motions attacking the evidence and was able to get all charges dismissed.

Will an arrest for DWI automatically result in the loss of my license? No, the good news is that a lawyer can stop the administrative suspension outlined in the pink piece of paper you were given upon release. Matthew has a remarkable track record in saving his clients from the dreaded consequences the DMV imposes to those who do nothing. Just recently he saved the license of a young lady who got caught up in a sobriety checkpoint and blew a .10 in the Breathalyzer. Call Matt today for a free assessment of your case.

Recent Case Results: Our Firm was hired by a young lady arrested after she crashed into a traffic sign on Crenshaw Blvd. Officers responded and observed an odor of alcohol and objective symptoms of intoxication. She was arrested and submitted to a breath test which displayed a .19 and .19 BAC. Matthew knew he had a tough row to hoe to save her license. Not deterred, he obtained a DMV hearing and uncovered problems with the case which he presented to the hearing officer. The case was taken under submission and a week later the client got the news: the license suspension was set aside. Matt saved her license from being suspended!

Matt went to trial on a drunk driving case in Inglewood Court where his client was passed out behind the wheel of his van in the middle of the street. Matt cross examined the police officers involved to uncover mistakes made during their investigation and he presented affirmative evidence which led to the charges being dismissed.

Matthew was retained to represent a client accused of drunk driving with a prior in Inglewood Court. The client was arrested after colliding with 2 parked cars around 2 in the morning. His blood test results were .21 and .22 on the breath machine. Matt knew he had his work cut out for him because the client was not a citizen and was worried that if he had to go to jail he could be detained by ICE and deported. Matt was not going to let that happen. He met with the DA and ultimately negotiated a resolution for a reduction of the charges with NO JAIL TIME and NO COMMUNITY SERVICE even though it was the client's second offense for DUI.

Congratulations to the city for its recent acquisition of an NFL football team, the Los Angeles Rams. With the building of the new stadium comes increased economic opportunity for the local economy. Along with this growth will come increased police presence. One of the most prolific areas of law enforcement in Inglewood is DUI enforcement. The fact is that the city has a known aggressive style when it comes to stopping and arresting motorists for suspected alcohol impairment or drug abuse. Attorney Matthew Ruff has a known reputation for defending good people from illegal conduct by police and the infringement of individual rights such as the fourth amendment right against unreasonable searches and seizures.

The city of Inglewood is located in the South bay portion of the county. The town was one of the earliest settlements in the area and was known for its natural springs which supported many ranches and herds of cattle in the early days of California's statehood. The Inglewood Criminal Court is located in central west district and hears a diverse range of cases ranging from simple traffic matters, DUI, prostitution misdemeanors all the way up to felony drug cases, violent assault cases and robbery murder allegations. Inglewood Criminal Defense Attorney Matthew Ruff has defended hundreds of good folks charged with oftentimes baseless criminal charges. Among the more common reasons the lawyer is called is due to DUI, drunk driving, drug possession, felony crimes, and a litany of other public offenses too long to mention. The initial Court contact can very often be very scary and frightening, especially for people who have never been arrested in the past. This is where an attorney comes in. The lawyer can appear in Court and speak on behalf of the defendant, most Judges and D.A's will be more receptive to having a Licensed Counselor at law speak and give legal reasons and arguments that mitigate and nullify the assertions made by dishonest cops and governmental investigators bent on convicting those who may in fact be innocent of the offense.

One of the most common questions asked is how do you win a case if the breath test says I am over the legal limit? Great Question, first of all the breath machines used in California are NOT foolproof. This means that each and every breath sample collected must comport with regulatory requirements and be reliable under current scientific standards. What we have seen over the years is that breath test results are sometimes wrong because the officer failed to comply with the safeguards he or she is trained to follow. When this happens the integrity of the testing process gets called into question and the reported results are now suspect. Matt knows the common failings that occur in the Breathalyzer room and he understands how officers make mistakes when using the machines.

If you have been arrested for DUI California requires the licensee to make a specific request for a hearing with the CA DMV in order to avoid a mandatory license suspension following release from jail. What many people do not understand is that there is no "presumption of innocence" with regard to the administrative driver license suspension proceedings. Matthew Ruff has one of the highest win rates in the state.

Matt Has The Highest Success Rate!

The Court in Inglewood serves the cities of Lennox, Hawthorne, some parts of El Segundo and the county islands of west Los Angeles County. Inglewood Criminal Defense Lawyer Matthew Ruff has made hundreds of appearances for his clients in this Court. Some recent examples of his cases are as follows:

One of Mr. Ruff's clients was arrested by the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department for drunk driving when he was found slumped over the steering wheel of his car with the engine running, blocking traffic. The police officer administered a series of field sobriety tests which the client was unable to perform. A breath test showed a blood alcohol level above .20% BAC. The case was sent to Inglewood Court for a jury trial. During the trial, attorney Ruff cast serious doubt on the opinions of the police officers about when the defendant was driving and state of intoxication. Despite seemingly overwhelming evidence pointing to guilt, the case ended in a hung jury and all charges were later dismissed.

In July of 2009, Mr. Ruff represented a client charged with solicitation of prostitution. The defendant was accused of arranging a meeting with two alleged prostitutes over the Internet on Craigslist. The defendant was observed making contact with the ladies in the parking lot of a hotel in the city of Inglewood. Detectives detained the client along with the girls, all of whom admitted the true reason for the meeting and their intention of exchanging money for sex. The client had no criminal record and was concerned about the ramifications a conviction for this type of offense would have on his future. The attorney met with the Inglewood city attorney and negotiated a disposition for trespassing and all prostitution charges were dropped.

In another case, Mr. Ruff was hired by a client arrested in Inglewood for a drunk driving (DUI) charge. He was stopped by the California Highway Patrol for driving thru a cone pattern near a traffic accident investigation. The cop claimed the defendant was unsteady on his feet, had bloodshot watery eyes and strong odor of alcohol on his breath. He was transported to the Inglewood Jail where he was administered a breath test which purportedly revealed a .12% BAC. He knew he needed an Inglewood DUI Attorney to help him get out of the mess he was in. The Lawyer went to Court and showed the District Attorney that the scientific standards governing alcohol testing may not have been followed in the case. Consequently, the DA agreed to dismiss the DUI charges and allow a plea to a lesser offense.

More recently, a client was contacted by CHP after rear ending another car on the 405 freeway. The client blew a .12 at the scene using a portable breath analyzer and subsequently was arrested for DWI and blew another .12/12 at the police station. The other driver claimed injury to his neck. The client sought out an Inglewood DUI Lawyer and found Matthew. Due in large part to his near 20 years of experience he negotiated a reduced charge of a "wet reckless" for the client in late 2012. She was not required to install an IID in her car as part of the deal.

Matthew also defended a case in Inglewood which went to trial alleging domestic violence charges of PC 243e1. The client was facing deportation for a crime he did not commit. His wife at the time called police and claimed she was assaulted by the defendant, however, a jury of his peers found himNOT GUILTY with Mr. Ruff as the defense attorney.

Matthew Ruff also defends criminal cases in the Inglewood Juvenile Court which is across the street from the adult Court. Among the over 100 cases he has handled in this Court include gang crimes, possession of drugs for sale such as marijuana, prescription medications, methamphetamine, ecstasy and heroin. Violent offenses such as robbery, assault, terrorist threats, attempted murder, and weapons allegations. In one recent juvenile matter he represented a minor accused of robbery in the South Bay. Not wanting to allow his client to be stuck with a strike on his record forever, Mr. Ruff aggressively fought the charge until the District Attorney agreed to reduce the count and allow for a diversion dismissal in early 2009.

How To Beat a Criminal or DUI Charge in Inglewood

1. The Police stopped you without sufficient cause. The Constitution requires that all police have what is known as 'reasonable suspicion' before detaining. This means that law enforcement must articulate sufficient facts to justify their actions.

2. The Police violated your rights. Important Civil rights such as the right to counsel, the right to be free from unreasonable searches, the right to due process are all legitimate reasons Matt uses to get charges dropped in many cases.

3. Filing Motions. Matt is well versed in all the California statutes that can be used to resolve or dismiss criminal cases. For example, PC 1001.95 is a recent law that Matthew has utilized to get charges dismissed such as assault, public intoxication, theft, embezzlement, gun and weapons charges.

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