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Matthew Ruff, Top Tier Gun Charges Attorney

Call Matthew Directly at 310-527-4100

Los Angeles County is one of the top jurisdictions in the country for arrest and prosecution of gun crimes. One of the top reasons for the aggressive enforcement of these types of criminal charges is the liberal political climate and a very active gang infested environment which leads to a heavy handed approach towards illegal gun possession. Indeed, California in general has some of the most restrictive laws on gun ownership.

If you have been arrested and charged with a gun offense and are facing a Court date you need a Top Tier attorney with over 25 years experience, Matthew Ruff has been fighting and winning criminal charges involving firearms for two decades. The United States Constitution allows for the freedom to bear arms which translates into the legal right to own and possess firearms and guns. However, there are restrictions which are codified into the criminal laws of California. Among the many Penal Code offense that good people are arrested for include PC 12025, 12031 and PC 245. Gun possession is seen as a bigger problem in metropolitan Los Angeles where violent crimes involving gang members and felons are seen as a big evil. Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer Matthew Ruff has personally defended hundreds of gun and weapons violations over the course of his near 25 year career.

A very frequently charged crime in Los Angeles County is that of Assault with a Firearm or Penal Code 245. This offense requires there be some conduct on the accused that puts the victim in apprehension while armed with a gun. A common issue is whether the gun needs to be loaded or not in order to constitute the crime of ADW-firearm. The answer is yes, the gun must be loaded or be used as a bludgeon in order to meet the definition of ADW with a Firearm. If the gun is unloaded the crime may be brandishing or simply assault however. Matthew has litigated this issue extensively.

Recently, the laws in California changed to now allow Judges to dismiss gun enhancements in the interests of Justice, this can save a person from years of incarceration.

Attorney Matthew Ruff can be reached directly at (310) 527-4100

Highest Success Rate

Matt got ALL CHARGES DISMISSED on August 23, 2021 in El Monte Court for a client charged with possession of a loaded concealed firearm in a motor vehicle. The case stemmed from a 911 call that was made by the girlfriend who believed the client was in trouble and may need help. Los Angeles Sheriff deputies arrived and observed 2 loaded guns in the vehicle. Matt got creative with the District Attorney and negotiated a dismissal of all counts, keeping the client's record clean which was important because the client was not a U.S. citizen but here on a student visa.

Matthew was successful in a Santa Clarita Gun Case involving a loaded concealed handgun in a motor vehicle and possession of an assault weapon. The charges were brought after the client was pulled over for having expired registration near Valencia California. The LASD arrested the client and he came in and hired Matt. A motion was filed by the attorney seeking to have all charges dismissed and the client's arrest record sealed, this motion was granted by Judge Gary Micon in the Newhall Court.

Matthew was hired by a client arrested for possession of a firearm while at the Burbank Airport. The client forgot she had a pistol in her luggage and entered the TSA security clearance where the gun was discovered. She was issued a citation and given a Court date. Matt immediately contacted the City Prosecutors and negotiated a deal that got the charges dropped without having to go to Court.

Matt was retained by a client arrested while traveling through a Los Angeles Airport after TSA found a loaded concealed gun in his luggage. The client lived out of state and would be very inconvenienced to travel back to go to Court. Matt took over, went to Court for the client and negotiated a DISMISSAL OF THE CHARGES. The client never had to appear in Court.

Matthew represented a client arrested in Hawthorne for Felony possession of a loaded concealed handgun in a vehicle. The case was filed in the LAX Court. The car was stopped for not having license plates. Matthew fought the case and got the Felony charges dropped.

Recently, the Firm was hired by a young man arrested in Burbank for possession of a concealed, loaded UN-registered firearm in a vehicle. The charges stemmed from a traffic stop and culminated into a search of the client's car whereupon the handgun was found hidden underneath the front driver seat. The charges were a Felony and the client was concerned about his ability to keep his job. Matt met with the Burbank Prosecutor and worked out a dismissal of the charges, sparing the client a lifetime of embarrassment and consequences of a felony gun charge on his record.

In another noteworthy case Matt was retained by a resident of Washington State after he was arrested for possession of a handgun at the Burbank Airport. The client had no record and wanted to keep it that way. Fortunately, Matt was able to go to Court for the client saving him from costly travel expenses. Matthew negotiated a DISMISSAL of the charges after the client completed a gun safety course.

Matthew was also hired by a client arrested for carrying a concealed firearm and possession of a high capacity magazine in Los Angeles. The client was a professional with a clean record and wanted to keep it that way. Matt understood the seriousness of the case and met with the prosecution to arrange an outcome that would dismiss the charges and keep the clients record clean. He had the client attend a gun safety course and negotiated a dismissal of all charges after one year.

Loaded guns can often be found in cars and vehicles but the possession of firearms in a car can be illegal. The District Attorney will prosecute people who have guns even if the individual may have a legitimate reason to have the gun. For the most part, all criminal gun charges require two basic elements in order to convict. Number one, the prosecutor must prove that the defendant had knowledge of the gun, whether it be in a motor vehicle or concealed upon the individual. Secondly, the District Attorney must establish that the accused have "dominion and control" over the firearm. Possession can be actual or constructive, meaning that the accused can directly exercise control, or have control through another person. When the crime is one of carrying a concealed weapon or firearm, these elements can be particularly useful in defending the case.

Top 3 Ways To Beat a Gun Charge

1. Unlawful stop and detention. The law requires the police to have probable cause to stop and detain a citizen. In many cases the officer will lack the necessary reasonable suspicion to pull someone over. Matt understands the Constitutional requirements of a police contact and has the skills to prove the client's rights were violated in order to get charges dismissed.

2. Lack of proof of possession. Possession can be established one of two ways, actual or constructive. Matt knows how to defeat the prosecutors case by showing lack of knowledge, lack of dominion and control and therefore lack of evidence to convict.

3. Bad search. The police need a warrant or some exception to the warrant requirement in order to search the vehicle or location where the gun was found. Matt is well versed in Fourth Amendment search and seizure laws so that he can persuade a Judge the search was improper.

Most gun violations require that the firearm, whether it be a pistol, revolver, semi-automatic or otherwise, be loaded and available for immediate use. There are however many exceptions and fine points to all criminal laws and therefore a lawyer should be consulted before assuming anything.

Over the last 25 years attorney Matthew Ruff has obtained countless dismissals of all manner of gun charges for his clients. Recently, Mr. Ruff represented a young man that was in a car with another person that had an illegal firearm, namely a sawed off shotgun that was stolen. The client was scared of the possible outcome and hired Matthew to defend him. After meeting with the Los Angeles prosecutor in Torrance, he was able to work out a dismissal of the case upon completion of a gun education class. In another case, Matthew was retained to represent a person charged with possession of numerous assault weapons that were found during a raid of his home. The client was facing prison time but Matthew refused to let his client be convicted. The case went to a preliminary hearing in Compton Court and the Judge bound the client over, however, Mr. Ruff filed a PC 995 motion and got all charges dropped by a higher Judge who agreed with Mr. Ruff that insufficient evidence existed to convict his client.

In a noteworthy case Matthew handled his client was charged with carrying a concealed weapon in a vehicle in Compton. Matt fought the charges and ultimately persuaded the prosecution to dismiss all charges and amended to a disturbing the peace.

In another recent criminal case, Matthew was retained to defend a client charged with possession of a concealed loaded firearm in a vehicle in Inglewood California. After discussions with the Los Angeles County District Attorneyall charges were dismissed.

Another example of a case that Mr. Ruff defended is that of a known gang member who possessed a loaded gun in his SUV. The LASD stopped him for a traffic violation and observed the gun under the floorboard. After extensive litigation, Matthew got all gun charges reduced to "disturbing the peace" and got the Court to order the return of the gun to his client.

Matt is a TOP TIER Defense Lawyer meaning he has over 25 years experience fighting for good folks who have either made an error in Judgment or a mistake and need to keep their record clean. With over a thousand cases under his belt, Matthew can defend you in your unlawful weapon possession case to get you the best results. Hire the Best Firearm Defense Attorney in California.

In many gun cases there exist issues relating to illegal search and seizure, An example of a recent favorable case defining when and where the police can search is that of Florida v. J.L., 529 U.S. 266 (2000). In that case, an anonymous caller to the police stated that a young black male dressed in a plaid shirt who was standing at a specified bus stop was carrying a gun. Officers arrived at the bus stop approximately 6 minutes later, and saw three black males, one of whom (defendant) was wearing a plaid shirt. Other than the tip, the police officers had no reason to suspect any of the three of criminal activity. They saw no firearm, nor any threatening or unusual movements. However, the tip carried no indicia of reliability. It provided no predictive information, and, therefore, no means to test the callers credibility. The caller neither explained how he knew defendant had a gun nor supplied any basis for believing that he had inside information about defendant. Therefore, the officers lacked reasonable suspicion, so that their stop of defendant was illegal and the evidence was excluded and the case dismissed.

What Constitutes Brandishing? In California it is a crime to draw or exhibit a deadly weapon, including a loaded or unloaded firearm, in any rude, angry or threatening manner, except in self defense, or to unlawfully use such weapon in any manner during any fight or quarrel. The crime is codified in Penal Code 417. Although the crime requires the weapon to be exhibited in the presence of another person, that person does not need to be aware of the brandishing. Furthermore, the gun or weapon need not be pointed directly at the victim. The offense is a misdemeanor in the State of California.

In some cases the arrest can occur due to a misunderstanding of California law. Many folks comes from out of state where the gun laws are much more liberal with regard to the concealed possession of hand guns in a motor vehicle. In one recent case Matt defended a client traveling into Los Angeles who had a concealed weapons carry permit in his home state and was stopped for a traffic violation. Officers found a concealed weapon in the car and arrested him for unlawful possession of a firearm. Matt got involved and negotiated a DISMISSAL OF ALL CHARGES.

At the end of the day, having Matthew in your corner when facing felony gun charges is one of the best feelings you can have.

Attorney Matthew Ruff has extensive experience in defending person accused of crimes involving firearms throughout Southern California, including Courts in Los Angeles, Torrance, Compton, Inglewood, Hawthorne, Carson, Long Beach, Bakersfield, Kern County, Palos Verdes, Cases at the LAX Airport, Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena, among many others. If you or someone you know is charged with a gun crime contact Mr. Ruff immediately for a free consultation at 310-527-4100.

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